Vegetarianism in bodybuilding

In this article, you will learn all the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet for an athlete. As well as the possibility of combining it with bodybuilding, and other power sports. Until now, there are various rumors and speculation about vegetarianism in the society, and its impact on the outcome in sports.

In this connection, the question arises whether it is possible to pump muscles. Without meat, the usual animal protein, which is included in the diet of any advanced bodybuilder. To which we will try to give an answer, and you will also learn how much vegetarianism and bodybuilding are compatible.


The disadvantages of vegetarianism and the pros of meat

Food in bodybuilding, it is primarily carbohydrates (glycogen) and proteins, in a different ratio, depending on the “Cutting” or “Bulking”, and a little fat (not saturated omega 3 fatty acids).

Training with a tiling in the gym, will start the processes of anabolism (muscle growth). But to maintain it, it is necessary to first of all supply a high-quality protein. That is why, for all real vegetarians, bodybuilding is given very difficult. In this case, the athlete-vegan, it will be almost impossible to gain a full set of amino acids, for the growth of muscle mass, through plant proteins.

We recommend, to compensate for the lack of protein food, to all ovlactogeetarians, to consume regularly, dairy products rich in valuable proteins:

  1. Eggs
  2. Milk
  3. Cottage Cheese
  4. Yogurt
  5. Cheese

Of the minuses of vegetarian food, it should be noted that dairy fats in their composition contain saturated fats and harmful cholesterol (LDL). And the higher the fat, for example, milk or sour cream, the more cholesterol in it.

Advantages of vegetarianism and minuses of meat

First of all, the damage to meat in the current conditions of growing, say the following facts:

  1. Poor environmental conditions, causing animals to absorb toxins, harmful fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals
  2. Introduction of hormonal additives in diet and injections of antibiotics for increased growth of the life
Смешной культурист на кухне

Also, it is worth noting that plant proteins (including soy protein) are rich in unsaturated (useful) fatty acids.

Combining  of vegetarianism with bodybuilding

The above tips in the article, when you abandon meat, are enough to successfully combine bodybuilding with vegetarianism. In addition, this approach to your nutrition will help you to raise health and longevity.

This article, by no means, does not impose upon you the rejection of meat, this is the choice of each person personally. It is worth only to adhere to our advice, and you do not concede in the growth of the muscle mass to all other “meat eaters”.

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