How to become a bodybuilder?

Many beginner athletes, fans of the gym, dream of becoming rocking, watching American militants with the participation of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, or simply pumped men in bodybuilding magazines.

As a rule, many typical rocking in the gyms do not train the underside of the body, focusing all attention only on the upper part (hands, chest, back, neck and press). Of course, we are against such a “one-sided” training, because in the body should be developed proportionally to all groups of muscles.

Steroids and injection

In any sport there are his tricks, for bodybuilding are steroids, without them there would be no legends that we all know:

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Ronnie Coleman
  3. Phil Heath

And other famous bodybuilders. It was the anabolics that helped all of them to grow huge muscles. However, their size of muscles is very huge, and any layman will be clear, to increase such volumes of muscle mass, it is necessary to use large doses of anabolics (do not believe, if in interviews these athletes say that they are naturals, heated exclusively on a chicken breast with rice, drinking a protein cocktail, regularly training, observing a healthy sleep – this is a loam!)

Анаболики, гантель, голубое полотенце

To become a swing, it is not necessary to use anaboliki, despite the fact that they really, in the shortest time help to build relief and strong muscles.

You can also pump without steroids, just this will take more time, but your muscles will be “natural”, and you will not periodically due to the interruptions of “chemical” courses deflate and inflate muscles (the phenomenon of rolling back).

How to become a bodybuilder at home

It is almost impossible to become a bodybuilder, training only at home, without additional equipment. In other words, one push from the floor, or pull on the turbine, you will not become healthy.

Жим гирь на наклонной скамье в домашних условиях

It is possible to increase muscle mass only with anaerobic exercises (training with iron), therefore, we do not recommend you, due to the complexity of changing the room to the gym, train at home, in order to seriously increase muscles. Buy a better pass in the fitness room.

In whatever conditions you do not train, whether at home or in a full-fledged gym, the performance of basic (multi-statutory) exercises is a prerequisite for successful training. Otherwise, you will trample on the spot, with minimal growth of strength and muscle mass.

All chemical pumping?

No, and no again! Contrary to the former opinion, we declare that not all chemical pumping, of course if a person went “Thinman” in the gym, and after 3-4 days began to gain weight, muscle mass, then it is clear that the athlete just sat at this time on the steroid course, but most of the inhabitants, literally all the strokes are labeled chemist, not knowing the person absolutely, his training experience, nutrition, and genetics. The last aspect (genetics), determines the success of the athlete in bodybuilding.

The main semantic load of this article for all fans and fans of “iron sport” bodybuilding. To tell that everyone can become a swing, and not necessarily to use anaboliki, just your path will be longer, but believe, the pleasure you will experience when you reach the desired goal not transmitted.


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