How to pump up dumbbells?

In this article we will tell you how to quickly pump up your dumbbell at home or in the gym.We will give recommendations for effective muscle mass recruitment when using dumbbells in our training.

If experienced and professional athletes use dumbbells for a variety of their training, as well as for more isolated work of certain muscle groups, then beginners sometimes, due to their ignorance, use dumbbells as the main tool of recruiting muscle mass.

Can I pump dumbbell?

In order to be able to pump the dumbbells significantly, you will need to have sufficiently serious dumbbells. Starting from 8-10 kg to 40-50 kg, with a step of maximum 4-6 kg. At the initial stage, it is already difficult to acquire dumbbells of this weight and in this amount.

We will not write you promising phrases about how to pump up to the level of serious pumping using a superstate-of-the-art training program, perhaps because it’s not true. Yes, you will be able to pump your muscles to a certain level, but it will not be your ceiling at all. The genetic limit in the growth of muscle mass and strength occurs on average in 6-8 years of regular training in the gym, using rods, dumbbells and simulators.

Накаченный торс атлета с гантелями

The main points to take into account when training with dumbbell:

  1. periodization of the load (combining heavy and light dumbbells on different days of training)
  2. the progression of the load (increase the working weights, either increase the time under load, or decrease the time between approaches in exercises)
  3. the variety of training (monotonous training, with a constant number of exercises, approaches and intensity will lead to the adaptation of your muscles to training stress)

What is better a bar, dumbbells or simulators?

Quite often, beginners argue among themselves, what is more effective for growth of muscles rod, dumbbells or simulators?

Training with dumbbodies is much more difficult than with a bar or exercise equipment. For example, you will press a bar lying 80 kg for 10 times, try to squeeze the same weight, only with dumbbell – you will never do it, and the fact is that a large number of small muscles are included in the work, stabilizing a stable position, if we talk about lying pressure, then these muscles are located in the front deltas and the widest.

Старенькие гантели в тренажерном зале

In addition, remember, you will never succeed in having an athlete who combines dumbbells with a bar in their training program, or just a bar, because the exercise with a bar operates far more basic, motor muscles, which are responsible for stimulating the growth of muscle mass, it is like a “natural” who competes in bodybuilding with the “chemist”.

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