Beginner’s Guide to Exercise

A rather popular problem among beginners who “dive” into the world of fitness and bodybuilding is the lack of initial knowledge of the correct training in the gym. Because of what, many newcomers do not understand where to start building their training.

Therefore, if you want to inflate your muscles significantly and increase your strength, please take this matter very seriously by following all the tips and recommendations in this article below.

Select a training program

Any training program for beginners should include basic muscle exercises. Accordingly, for the thoracic muscles, these are the pressure of the lying bar, for the legs and back – squats with a rod on the shoulders and becoming a thrust, and necessarily for the widest muscles of the back turn on the tightening with a wide grip.

The four exercises listed above, with the correct combination of approaches and repetitions, as well as days of rest, can change within one year, your body is beyond recognition. Of course, if you have never been involved in physical exercises, it is better to remove the craving until your muscular corset is firmly fixed, to avoid back injuries.

Атлет выполняет тяжелые приседания со штангой в тренажерном зале

Various auxiliary exercises for small groups of muscles, for example, such as lifting the rod on biceps standing, feet pressure, extension of legs in the sitting simulator, French hands of the lying bar, and others, of course, can be included in the program, however, remember that only basic exercises (squat, press, thrust) on large groups of muscles, are capable of giving a powerful boost to the growth of muscle mass and strength, and all other exercises are only subsidiary (auxiliary), which work effectively on professionals and experienced athletes.

Exercise technique

Mastering the correct technique of performing exercises in bodybuilding, is not only a guarantee of health of joints, ligaments and tendons, but also helps to load target groups of muscles more effectively, thereby increasing the many times the productivity of the conducted power training.

When performing, becoming traction, the probability of injury to the back, the lumbar section is very high, so at the initial stage (at the zero level of physical training), we recommend replacing it with hyperexstenisis. And, on the coming of 3-4 months, regular training, it will be possible to gradually incorporate the craving into your training program.

What is the danger of wrong exercise technique?

The wrong technique of performing exercises, makes it necessary to include in the work, not those muscles that we purposefully train, as a result of which, the main muscle groups do not get training stress, and therefore the effect of the performed exercise will be minimal. To say nothing of the fact that a violation of technology leads inevitably to health problems, for example:

 1.Loss of integrity of muscle tissue
 2.Tears, tendons
 3.The ligaments
 4.Intervertebral hernias
 5.Nerve pinch

Разводка гантелей на скамье с наклоном вверх

Among experienced athletes, and professionals, it is quite popular to use a kind of “reading”, that is, when the athlete helps himself to perform the exercise violating the correct technique of its execution, to facilitate work with weight, with the aim of working with a heavier burden, so for beginners, such a method of performing exercises is contraindicated.

Restoration of the body

After training, the body receives strong stress, both nervous system and energy reserves are exhausted. Therefore, if you want not only to progress in the gym, but also not to fall into overtraining, then you should take care of a full recovery.

Накаченный мужчина спит в белой кровати

The main emphasis is on a healthy 8-9 hour sleep. But if you have the opportunity to visit a masseur, bath, sauna, it will only be a plus.

The first 2-3 years of training in the gym, newcomers will be especially difficult. The body will be lazy to transform into a new, sports way of life. And during this period of time, the main thing is not to break down, as you succeed.

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