Universal Weight Loss Algorithm

Sometimes this is due to poor motivation, and sometimes with a violation of the daily regimen and the principle of systematicity. Each day should be clearly planned, including nutrition, physical activity, taking supplements and drugs, as well as all other things and rest. For these purposes, use: a training diary, a nutrition diary, calorie counters, or create a special notebook or organizer. Systematically you need to weigh yourself, record all the food you eat and track progress in order to adequately adjust your program.


Health problems not only can’t justify overweight, but on the contrary should stimulate the search for a solution, because obesity causes tremendous harm to health and helps to shorten life expectancy. Read more: Causes of Obesity

Adverse social environment

Close people have a big influence on your motivation, so try to communicate more with those people who share your aspirations. That is why many couples mutually adhere to a strict diet.


Do not put off your undertakings for tomorrow; there will be no more suitable time than now. The longer you put it off, the more difficult it will be to achieve your goals. However, this does not mean at all that you should start practicing fasting from the first day. On the contrary, dieting can begin with a slight decrease in your normal daily diet.

Lack of perseverance and pessimism

Many and very many are able to prepare well and begin to lose weight, but at the first difficulties they drop everything and the weight quickly returns to its original state. Only perseverance and constancy will allow you to achieve your goals. Any problem with being overweight has a solution. Engage in auto-training, for the development of motivation and never lose hope.

Remember that the main reason for excess weight lies in the excess intake of calories.

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