Why I cannot lose weight

The tragedy of the lives of many girls and men is that they really try to lose weight, but they do not succeed. One thing is certain: you will fail only when you yourself acknowledge it. Otherwise, a solution can always be found. This article contains the main reasons why you are not losing weight. Carefully read each item, correlate it with your actions, and you will see for yourself what exactly the reasons prevent you from achieving the desired result.

All the main causes of failure lie in your head. Sports psychology provides answers on how to effectively eliminate them:

Bad gene hereditary

Your genes determine metabolic rate and weight. Despite the fact that at this stage in the development of science, the human genotype cannot be changed, this reason is not an excuse, since you can create optimal conditions for your body and intervene in the regulatory mechanisms of metabolism in order to achieve your goals. In fact, any genetic cause can be corrected, and much of this guide will be devoted to this.

Lack of clear goals

First of all, you must immediately determine the ideal weight and percentage of fat at which you could feel comfortable.

Lack of motivation

More often than not, a person cannot lose weight due to poor motivation. Most fat people are simply not interested in achieving the goal, or are so lazy that they are not able to withstand more than a week of working on themselves.

Lack of knowledge

It’s another common reason. Many are not sufficiently aware of the problem of obesity, lipolysis, metabolism, and other important issues of weight loss. The easiest way is to get the necessary knowledge from specialists: the doctor will diagnose and try to establish possible metabolic disorders, the trainer will draw up a training program, and the nutritionist will prescribe an adequate diet for weight loss. Otherwise, you yourself have to get this knowledge from literary sources. It is also necessary to emphasize that it is important not only to get knowledge, but to be able to apply it correctly in relation to your body in order to get the maximum result and avoid complications, so pay maximum attention to self-education. Beware of quackery and fraud!

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