Choosing the right diet

Losing weight without surgery is achieved primarily through a right diet diet and the use of sports nutrition, while workouts, pharmacology, daily regime and other factors that play a role in the treatment of obesity make a secondary contribution. This article summarizes modern scientific knowledge, on the basis of which clear recommendations are given that can effectively reduce weight. 

Diet for weight loss is an individual nutrition plan aimed at weight loss. Studies show that maximum effectiveness is achieved with a low-carb, low-fat and low-calorie diet. After studying many diets for weight loss. Scientists from the Weizmann Institute came to the conclusion that a universal diet does not exist, because, which is useful for one person, another can ruin the figure. Therefore, deciding to lose weight with a particular diet, you must strictly monitor changes in fat mass and hormonal levels.

Choosing the right diet

This article focuses on data that has been repeatedly tested in practice and in controlled studies that can achieve the best results in weight loss. This is more likely not even a specific diet. But an affordable guide to compiling an individual program that is right for you. No doubt you can successfully use other diets; however, ignoring the following recommendations will reduce the effectiveness of the weight loss program.

Who needs this diet? Any person, who is overweight, regardless of gender. Age and type of activity, can reduce fat mass to the desired if it follows the recommendations. The article provides universal tips that have a solid evidence base. While at the same time much attention is paid to security. The diet can last an unlimited period of time, depending on your initial condition and goals.

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