The basic principles of losing weight

Human psychology is such that to take a decisive step, he needs a certain push. This impetus can be another failure in his personal life, another principles of losing weight. Another centimeter of the fat fold, the need for a larger clothing size or the influence of a loved one – is not important. After this supra-threshold stimulus, a powerful dominant is formed to achieve the goal – weight loss. And a person starts more likely not even to diet, but to exhausting himself with hunger. You can’t do this, because it is fraught with serious metabolic disorders and powerful stress for the body, which in a few days will force you to abandon weight loss.

You need to tune in to a long and systematic program that should not be based on emotions. So, in the 2017 study, a randomized study was conducted in which it was proved that daily calorie restriction is more effective than alternative nutrition. Another study by a group of researchers from the Center for Physical Activity Research proved that the Ramadan model of fasting does not statistically significantly affect body composition, glucose metabolism, and cognitive function in healthy people.

If you decide to reduce your weight, then reduce the calorie content of the diet gradually, no more than 10% per day. From sweet and fat, you can refuse immediately, and then reduce the number of other products.

Gradual exit from the diet

Even more important is the completion of the diet. Remember that after prolonged starvation, your body believes that you are in difficult conditions of existence, therefore, at any convenient situation, tries to make a reserve “for a rainy day” in the form of fat.

If you have achieved the desired result, in no case do not sharply increase the calorie content of your diet, otherwise your body will begin to actively replenish its fat reserves. You should gradually increase portions until the weight becomes stable, it is better not to consume sweets at all, since it is fast carbohydrates that are most prone to conversion to fat.

Limit the amount of fat and continue to follow the rest of the rules. Try to form your diet completely from the products listed in the table. Returning to the previous way of eating will again lead you to excess weight.

5-6 meals a day

Perhaps for many this will sound strange, but with a decrease in body weight. You need to try to eat more often. This is due to the fact that rare and larger portions will be spent by the body not only on energy. But also on the formation of fat as a reserve, so the process of burning fat will be intermittent. Forcing your metabolism to work in different directions, which is not good. 

If you eat more often, 5-6 times a day in small portions, all food will be continuously converted into energy to maintain vital functions. while a lack of energy will force your body to constantly expend fat. In addition, with frequent meals, hunger is reduced, and the risk of developing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is eliminated.

Low-calorie foods

Your diet should consist of 80% low-calorie foods. This helps to reduce hunger and keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy. Some foods can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Vegetable fiber-rich foods are especially beneficial – they usually contain very few calories and support bowel function. In addition, fiber reduces the absorption of other nutrients (fats and carbohydrates), and ensures their gradual entry into the blood. At the same time, you don’t have to embarrass yourself in your choice, you can eat almost everything. And the main thing is that this does not contradict the rules.

Scientists from the United States proved that a low-calorie diet increases the duration and quality of life in primates. Which in a prognostic sense will have the same effect on humans.

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