The best exercises for gaining muscle mass (p.2)

Best for overall weight growth


Undoubtedly deadlift is the best exercise for gaining total body weight. It is very important to note that in the case of gaining muscle, the stand-up must be performed in a multi-repeat style. In general, a pyramid of 12-13 repetitions in 6 sets is considered optimal. The correct technique for doing the exercise is important.


Do you know which exercise is the most difficult for our body? That’s right, classic squats! In order for the athlete to maintain balance and not topple over, the body connects a huge array of stabilizing muscles to the legs. In particular, all the gaining muscle of the body work at the limit, including the back, chest, deltas, and even muscles … of the face! To cope with the weight of the barbell, our body is forced to grow all its muscles in response to squats. Experimental training programs from squats alone are known, when an athlete gained in few weeks up to 7 kg of total muscle mass!

Ideally, beginners can generally do only 3 exercises at first: squats, bench press and deadlift. And then engage in grinding and mass of other muscle groups.

Best for fat burning  

Free weights

Scientists undertook to compare the energy consumption of squats and leg presses. Squats burned more calories for the simple reason – they included stabilizer The best exercises for gaining muscle mass which balance the body. When doing leg presses, there was clearly no need for this. So it turns out that any exercise with free weights will burn more fat. Exercise machines assume a strong fixation of the body, and therefore “save” your calories.

Short rest

The more calories you spend on training, the more you burn fat. Well, how to boost your energy costs? It turns out that you need to rest between sets not 2.5-3 minutes, as usual, but only 30 seconds. In this case, the calorie consumption from the same workout will increase by 50%! In this case, the complex needs to be composed of exercises with a barbell, performed in a mode of 6-8 repetitions. In the case of using heavy basic movements, fat burning will continue by inertia even after the workout. Loss of adipose tissue will increase by another 5-8%.

Best for back The best exercises for gaining muscle mass expansion

Lat pulldown

The researchers decided to find out which exercise activates the broad back muscles more strongly. The real hit was a Lat pulldown thrust to the chest. The outsiders got upper thrusts with a reverse and neutral grip, as well as the vaunted wide upper thrust behind the head, which, before the start of the experiment, scientists had read the leader’s laurels. By the way, this exercise could not even take second place. The second was a pullback grip!

Wyder’s best principle

Forced repetitions

The higher the intensity of the training, the faster our muscles grow! Bodybuilding knows many tricks to increase intensity. They are also called the Wyder’s Principles. Which one is the best? Forced repetitions! But only in the new edition! Previously, you achieved several forced repetitions after a “failure” with the help of a partner. Now you should increase your usual working weight by 15%, and then meet the previous number of repetitions with the support of an assistant in the final set.

Best for strength growth


According to the general opinion of the power athletes, the “pyramid” is the best way to grow. But just what kind? Here opinions are divided. Some say that weight needs to be increased from set to set, so that the final set must be the hardest. Others argue that the first set should be a record, until the muscles have accumulated fatigue. Next, you need to reduce weight from set to set.

Comparing both models in a practical experiment, scientists made a categorical verdict: with an ascending “pyramid”, when you gradually increase the load, your strength grows much better. The explanation lies in the features of the physiological mechanism of the nervous system. 

On the way of the nerve signal there are so-called “motor bodies”, which, following the example of capacitors, accumulate electrical potential in themselves. When it rises to the maximum, then the maximum will be the muscle effort. Thus, before setting a power record, you need “technical” sets that will maximize the voltage in “motor bodies”. Here is the best load growth scheme: 1 set – 50% of the working maximum weight (WMW), 2 sets – 75% of WMW and finally 3 sets – 100% of WMW.

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