The best exercises for gaining muscle mass (p.3)

It’s better to train in the afternoon, when your body has finally woken up and is ready to respond to power loads with maximum secretion of hormones. Here are the data from a comparative experiment. Two groups of athletes of the same level trained in the same pattern, but the first did strength exercises for muscle in the morning; and the other after 16 hours of the day. After 2.5 months, the second group was recognized as the undisputed leader. They added more muscle mass (3%), and subcutaneous fat burned 9% more.

Best Abdominal Exercise


It seemed that the main plus of twisting is their safety for the lower back. In fact, when doing twists, your lower back keeps in touch with the floor. The firm support saves your lower back from an overstraining.  Another thing, the army corps rises. Here the lower back is actively working, and therefore over time, the exercise becomes the cause of the most severe pain in the lumbar region. 

However, the most important thing is that twists load absolutely all the muscles of the abdomen, including both layers of the oblique muscles. But! The correct load will be done only if you do twisting in an explosive manner. Remember, the first phase of twisting should be extremely fast!

The best time to stretch

After training

Before training, you need a short ballistic stretch (swing your arms and legs). Stretching adds strength to the muscles. As for the serious work on flexibility, including static stretching poses, it should be carried out after strength training. Stretching paradoxically weakens the muscles of the body and in addition has a sedative effect (causes drowsiness). In addition, strength training shortens muscles and stiffens ligaments. So if you go against the rule, then the effect of preliminary stretching will simply be crossed out by the subsequent power load.

The best rest between sets

2-3 minutes

Hurry is no good if you intend to seriously increase muscle volume. One or even two minutes to rest between sets here will not be enough. Scientists compared the achievements of two groups of athletes who for 2.5 months fanatically loaded their hands. Moreover, in the first group, athletes rested between sets for only one minute, and in the other – 2.5 minutes. The first group gained 5% in the volume of hands, but the second – all 12%! Similar experiments conducted by other researchers showed that lengthening the rest between sets more of 3 minutes is not worth it.

Best muscle help

Power belt

The wide leather belt, which has been pulled by the weight lifters for centuries, increases intra-abdominal pressure by 40%. As a result, the waist becomes “stronger”, and therefore the load on the intervertebral discs are reduced by almost 50%. This serves to prevent spinal injuries, which usually come down to critical compression of the discs and bulging of the intervertebral hernias. At the same time, activation of the abdominal muscles increases by 10% and the extensor muscles of the spine – by 25%. Simply put, these muscles become stronger. Thanks to this effect, working weights in squats and deadlifts increase.

Best cardiac machine


The best cardio trainer is the treadmill. The bicycle ergometer is far behind her. The difference in efficiency is due to the fact that when you run, you have to fight for balance. This adds muscle to the work, which means more calories will be spent. Comparative experiments have shown that in fat burning, the “treadmill” is 45% more efficient than a bicycle ergometer.

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