The best exercises for gaining muscle mass (p.1)

Choose the most effective exercises, techniques and training methods! And grow muscle mass!

At school, any success is evaluated on a five-point scale. It is also suitable for evaluating bodybuilding practices. There are exercises for the “three”, methodological tips that barely pull on the “four” and equipment that can only be set to “one” … We will tell you about what our practical experience and sports science put up a solid “five” “. Take on arms to break into the “excellent” muscle mass growth!

Best exercise for biceps muscles

Biceps curls in standing position

A barbell with an EZ-neck is more convenient; however, this convenience in fact turns out to be a minus: the internal short bicep bundle “turns off” from work. And only the “inconvenient” straight neck makes both bundles of the biceps muscle mass work equally. For this reason, the working weight in the exercise in comparison with the EZ-bar decreases by 5-8%. So do not try to exchange for rises with a curved bar! This movement should be considered only as an auxiliary! Your main tool is a classic straight barbell.

Best for pectoral muscles

Dumbbell bench press

The activation of the pectoral muscle mass in the bench press increases significantly when the athlete changes the barbell on a dumbbell. This is due to the fact that the straight bar of the bar closes the athlete’s straight arms in a rigid “frame”. As a result, the front bundles of deltas are forced to join the exercise and take on part of the load. More precisely, it is taken away from the pectoral muscle mass. And who needs this? The dumbbell bench press lacks such a flaw.

Best for deltas muscles

Standing dumbbell press

Since the average beam of deltas sets the width of the shoulders, then its buildup is considered the main one in bodybuilding. From this point of view, the bench press is not beneficial for the bodybuilder. The bar puts a strong emphasis on the front bunches of the deltas, even if you squeeze it from behind the head. Only dumbbells load the average bunch of deltas at 100%! Why? You press the dumbbells along the centerline of the body, but the bar moves either in front (bench press from the chest) or behind (bench press from behind the head) of the body axis. Exercise can also be performed from sitting position.

Best for triceps muscles


Insulating exercises in which only one joint works, as you know, the mass does not grow. But these are all the triceps exercises. They are accompanied by flexion of the elbows, and nothing more. Only in push-ups and narrow bench presses do shoulder joints and elbows work. But dips are better, because the exercise is performed with the aiming force of the triceps.

Best for quadriceps muscles

Front squats

So called squats with a barbell on the chest. Squatting with a barbell on your shoulders is much easier, but the “back” position of the projectile carries a significant part of the load on the biceps of the hips and buttocks. Aiming of the quadriceps requires moving the bar forward relative to the axis of the body, i.e. on the chest. The load on the quadriceps at the same time grows by almost 25%!

Best for biceps hips and buttocks

Romanian deadlift

This is the name for deadlift, which is done on straight legs from the middle of the legs. Here, the athlete no longer has to get out of the squat by the force of quadriceps, as in the classic version of traction from the floor. Exercise is limited to the final phase when the biceps of the hips and buttocks straighten the body. Traction aiming, multiplied by the slaughter weight of the rod, gives a quick and guaranteed return. Comparing is ridiculous with bending the legs in lying position!

Best for calf muscles

Standing calf raise

Comparing the standing calf raise, sitting and leaning, the scientists found that the athlete can overcome the greatest weight only in the standing position. Comparison could not stand the socks bench press, because it is an “inverted” version of the standing calf raise in the slope. So draw conclusions! Lifting in standing calf raise is the main exercise for swinging cyclopean calves!

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