How many muscle group exercises do you really need?

Let’s consider this question from the point of view of the combination of “base” + “isolation”. In other words, we will formulate the question differently: Is it worth to supplement the basic exercise with isolation? It was this question that interested a group of scientists from Brazil, Italy and England.

To address it, researchers observed two months over four athlete groups totaling 30 people: The first group conducted exercises that included only basic exercises on target muscles, the other group – combined the basic exercise with isolating. The third and fourth groups are analogueues of the previous two with one only difference that their participants used anabolic steroids (600 mg of testosterone enanthate and 200 mg of stanozolol per week). This nuance is very interesting, especially in view of the results obtained.

In the program, insulating exercises were exercises on biceps (flexion in the simulator), triceps (extension in the simulator) and on the muscles of the legs. The most interesting thing is that the basic muscles for hands were considered classic lying and standing presses (for triceps), as well as traction movements on the back and shoulders (for biceps). That is, in fact, in Group 1 and 3, the hands were not individually purposefully swaying at all with basic exercises. In relation to the legs was different: In groups 1 and 3 squats and legs were performed, and in groups 2 and 4, bends and bends were added to these exercises in the simulator.

So, the result of 8-week observation was as follows:

  • in groups 1 and 2 (without steroids), the strength and size of the muscles of the arms and legs were the same;
  • in groups 3 and 4 (using steroids), the strength and size of the muscles of the arms and legs were the same.

In summary, scientists conclude that the use of isolation exercises as an addition to basic training has no advantages for the development of power or mass. This is relevant for both the athletes involved in natural and those who use anabolic steroids. The authors emphasize that the research concerns amateur basic training, and the results obtained are incorrectly transferred to the level of professionals.



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