Motivation rules

Motivation rules. How do you not surrender on the way to the goal? 3 easy steps to keep your hands on and keep moving.


Diversify your music playlist or, if you’re doing without music, try to train with your music. Here it is important not only to choose your favorite songs for which it is pleasant to do, but also to change them every two weeks (the more often, the better). Even the most favorite tracks arrive quite quickly and begin to irritate, so it is important not only a large number of such tracks, but also their variety. As for the songs that are already attached, they should be excluded from their musical “diet”, because they not only irritate, but also worsen the quality of training, as attention begins to emphasize them and there is a feeling of nervousness. On our site you can always find high-quality playlists with your workout music – even your home training will be well organized.

Landmarks are the second component that will help you move forward!

The fact is that almost any goal consists of many small segments and steps. Let’s give an example with running. When we have the task of running any distance, the brain involuntarily begins to evaluate it, commensurate with the different indicators of time and metrazh, thereby creating barriers to its passage. Quite often this happens during the race itself.
When we get over the distance, whether it’s the goal of running 2,000 meters daily or any other goal, it’s important to be able to divide it into small segments, which will psychologically greatly simplify the task. In this case, poles, buildings, lanterns, etc. can serve as landmarks if you prefer to run outdoors. It looks like this, first we set the goal to get to the far post, and how we reach this small sub-goal, set a new one (for example, until the next turn). Such a psychological reception can not only simplify the passage of the distance, but also enjoy the game form.

Systematic or regular.

The last, third factor that will help not to get off the planned road. In my opinion, this is the strongest and the most necessary tool in achieving any goal.
The fact is that achieving any goal forces to perform a certain amount of necessary actions and often these actions are not comfortable, since we did not fulfill them before. But even if we are accustomed to them, it is quite often possible to shoot down and throw them out because of resistance to change.
In this case, it is necessary to divide these actions into a greater number of small steps (sub-actions ) and one sub-action to implement it regularly. Let’s say you have a goal of 1000 km, you don’t run them immediately, but if you start running regularly 3 times a week for 1000 meters and eventually increase the distance (only when you’re really ready, not just and not immediately), you probably run and 1000 kilometers.

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