Muscle strength and muscle size are interrelated: Scientific fact

Muscle strength and muscle size

Muscle strength and muscle size are interrelated: Scientific fact

The concept of training for hardcore, which we offer in numerous articles, is built on the idea of correlation between muscle strength and their size.

At the same time, despite our frequent appeals to the scientific basis, science does not provide a clear answer to the question of the relationship between power growth and muscle growth. In various studies, this relationship is both fixed and refuted. The same can be said about empirical observations: Some athletes progress from a multirepeat with small scales, others – from a little repetition in programs for the development of power.

In a recent paper by American scientists, the question of whether there is a real link between muscle strength growth and muscle volume growth is first explored in fundamental ways: The results of many previous studies have been taken into account, and theoretical assumptions have been thoroughly studied.

Here are the main theses from the mentioned article: 

1. force = muscle size × other factors affecting force (neuroneal factors, technique, mechanical factors, etc.).

2. Long-term scientific observations confirm the above model of relationship between muscle strength and size. In short-term scientific observations (especially on newcomers), this dependence is often refuted. This is the conclusion on the study of previous studies on this issue.


This means that within a single training program, which lasts for several weeks or months, the growth of strength can be without muscle growth, as well as vice versa, muscle growth can be without a power boost. But within long periods of time – year and more – the relationship between muscle strength and size is always observed.

Thus, our idea that the development of muscle volumes in hardcore gamers by increasing muscle strength as the strategically most important training regime now has clear scientific confirmation.

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