How to train for 13 minutes a day and gain weight

Based on the latest scientific data, the training duration of 13 minutes (super-reduced train) is practically no inferior in stimulation of muscle hypertrophy to exercises with a much longer duration.

These data were obtained from observations of 3 groups of 45 individuals with training experience. All three groups were engaged for 8 weeks three times a week on the Fullodi system, performing 6 exercises of 8-12 repetitions (with the use of failure efforts) on the main muscle groups:

  • – lying bar mode,
  • – army standing mode,
  • – the tie-rod of the seat block,
  • – squats with a bar on the shoulders,
  • – feet press in the simulator,
  • – extension of legs in the simulator.

As we see, there are no exercises on the hands, but there are as many as 3 exercises on the legs. More on the feet scientists explain, referring to previous studies in which such a need was revealed due to greater efficiency for maskit.


In other words, American scientists argue that strategically justified models of training are the use of inconsistent types of training for the top and bottom of the body: A combination of volumetric training for the legs (smaller weight, but more repeats.

Returning to the experiment, confirming the effectiveness of the super-reduced train. So, the difference between the three groups of athletes was the volume of training work: The first group performed only 1 working set in each exercise, the second group – 3 sets, the third – 5 sets. In total for training the first group loaded all muscles together in volume 6/9 sets (6 for muscles of top of body and 9 for legs), the second group – 18/27 and the third group – 30/45. The rest between the sets was 90 seconds.

After a two-month training period, the researchers analyzed the results and concluded that the three groups received approximately the same result in muscle growth. According to the published work, the first group spent an average of 13 minutes to perform one working approach in each of the six exercises (it is a spent time on the main work, that is, without a warm-up, etc.). Nevertheless, the authors suggest, referring to the results of other experiments, that for further progress the train volume will sooner or later need to be increased.

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