Proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Carbohydrate content – 40-50%

Try to consume only slow carbohydrates.

Protein Content – 25-35%

Ideally, 50% proportions of proteins comes from food, the rest from sports nutrition.

Fat Content – 20-30%

Do not limit the amount of fat below 15%; this will cause unwanted changes in metabolism. As evidence of these recommendations, at least 3 modern Meta-analyzes of studies can be cited, according to which fats without harm to health can be the source of more than 35% of the calories we consume (previously it was considered the highest mark). Eat oily fish. Fish oil is very healthy.

It should be remembered that there is no ideal PCF (proportions of proteins, carbohydrate, fat) ratio that would suit absolutely everyone. Here we give the average numbers that are suitable for most people, you should start with this, and you can experiment.

Hormonal changes

It is known that the body’s metabolism is controlled by hormones. Therefore, hormonal disorders can often be the cause of excess weight. In addition, calorie restriction can lead to serious hormonal changes in the body that need to be identified and prevented in a timely manner.

Smaller size of plates

The size of the plate can really affect the amount of calories consumed.

Using smaller cookware and servings reduces calories. This simple recommendation is supported by real research. A large portion will not always correspond to the maximum level of saturation. In other words, if the subject has a large portion of food in front of him, he tends to ignore satiety signals and consume more food than it should.

In particular, one study noted that subjects consumed 31% fewer calories when they were offered half the size of a sandwich as food. Compared to those who consumed large sandwiches as food. An increased serving of food clearly correlates with an increased risk of obesity. A systematic review of more than 72 randomized controlled trials showed that people tend to consume more calories when their daily diet is divided into larger portions.

Adequate sleep

Scientists have found that limiting sleep leads to metabolic changes aimed at conserving energy. After 5 days with sleep restriction of up to 4 hours, the level of basal metabolism decreased by 2.6%. The authors of another study in 2016 concluded that lack of sleep leads to an increase in food intake.

Consume Fiber First

It is best to start eating with a salad of greens, tomatoes, onions, raw and boiled green vegetables, as well as heat-treated mushrooms. The foods you start your meal with affect how much and what you eat next. Fiber-rich meals will quickly fill the stomach and slow down the absorption of fast carbohydrates.

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