Drinking mode

Consume enough fluids. The optimal volume is 3 liters per day, including the water contained in the products. When losing weight, a larger amount of liquid is required, since it is used in the process of burning fat. Water does not contribute to weight loss, but the process of weight loss slows down with a decrease in fluid intake. Also, a lack of water can cause metabolic and electrolyte disturbances. It is also necessary to remember about the drinking mode because during a strict diet. The feeling of thirst is reduced, therefore, the volume of fluid received must be kept under conscious control.

Distribution of food

A recent study proved that late meals lead to a slowdown in metabolism at rest, a decrease in carbohydrate oxidation. Impaired glucose tolerance and a decrease in the thermogenic effect of food. It was also found that late dinners (after 8 p.m.) increased waist size by 5 cm by compared with the control group. It was also revealed that eating for a strictly limited period of time (for example, from 9 to 18 hours or from 11 to 20 hours) helps to lose weight faster, reduces the risk of diabetes and normalizes cholesterol levels.

Some sources indicate that eating at bedtime does not contribute to obesity: only calorie content, quality of food and frequency of intake are important. Before going to bed you can eat, but only healthy food. While dinner should contain fewer calories than breakfast and lunch. The best choice in the evening is protein food (protein shake, vegetables, salads, cottage cheese, etc.).

Do not eat anything 2 hours before and 2 hours after training. Studies show that fasting before exercise boosts fatty acid mobilization and brown fat activity. A small amount of protein or amino acids is acceptable if it is important to maintain muscle mass. If you eat before training, the body will use not fat as energy, but food. After training, there is a large amount of free fatty acids in the blood, and the metabolic rate is very high. If you eat immediately after training. Then all free fats will return to adipocytes, if you are hungry, then these fats will be destroyed.

Before and after training, you can take amino acids; they can protect your muscles, while not interfering with the breakdown of fat. 

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