The main principle of diet

Body weight begins to decrease only when the amount of energy received in the form of food is lower than the amount of energy spent by the body. In addition, you need to remember that the body always tries to maintain homeostasis (the constancy of the internal environment), so sometimes you need to significantly reduce the calorie intake, so that body weight begins to decrease. Do not be surprised if you began to eat 5, 10 or 20% less than before, and the weight is kept at the principle of diet. Often, progressive weight loss requires a gradual decrease in calories by 50 or even 90% in order to achieve good results. Determining this percentage is quite simple, for this you need to follow a simple rule:

Gradually reduce the calorie intake, until the weight loss begins to be 800 – 1000 g per week. If the weight does not decrease, then you need to eat even less, if the losses exceed the indicated figures, slightly increase the calorie content.

For this, it is recommended to be weighed once every three days. The study showed that more frequent weighing increases the effectiveness of weight loss, while when weighing less frequently than once a week, the effectiveness decreases significantly, mainly due to insufficient nutrition control. After a month, you can determine the optimal diet and continue until the desired results are obtained. Do not lose weight more than 1200 g per week, otherwise metabolic disorders occur and toxic substances form. The skin will not have time to rebuild, and the muscles will begin to collapse rapidly, and by the end of the cycle you will get a flabby body that will look even worse than before losing weight.

Auxiliary tools

  • Fat calculator – will show the percentage of dry and fat mass in your body. Take measurements 3-4 times in month, this will assess the progress and loss of muscle (dry weight).
  • Calorie calculation – the system determines the daily calorie intake necessary for you, with which you can start the cycle, then changing depending on the results.
  • Individual selection of sports nutrition
  • Calorie Calculation Programs
  • Be sure to start a food diary, recording the time, type and amount of food eaten. Many girls claim that they eat almost nothing, but still cannot lose weight. In fact, they don’t even notice how with countless small snacks they get a lot of calories. The diary will allow you to control yourself, and also help to analyze and correct the weaknesses of the diet afterwards.
  • Weigh yourself every day after sleep and write the result in a diary.

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