Auxiliary tools

  • Fat calculator – will show the percentage of dry and fat mass in your body. Take measurements 3-4 times in month, this will assess the progress and loss of muscle (dry weight).
  • Calorie calculation – the system determines the daily calorie intake necessary for you, with which you can start the cycle, then changing depending on the results.
  • Individual selection of sports nutrition
  • Calorie Calculation Programs
  • Be sure to start a food diary, recording the time, type and amount of food eaten. Many girls claim that they eat almost nothing, but still cannot lose weight. In fact, they don’t even notice how with countless small snacks they get a lot of calories. The diary will allow you to control yourself, and also help to analyze and correct the weaknesses of the diet afterwards.
  • Weigh yourself every day after sleep and write the result in a diary.

Additional items for fat mass

Fat burners

There are a number of supplements that can speed up your metabolism and thereby speed up the process of losing weight. The most popular are thermogenic. It is best to take them before training; this allows you to increase calorie consumption by 80-100%. However, it makes sense to take thermogenic without physical exertion in the first half of the day; they increase thermogenesis, which the body spends about 80% of all energy, fat mass suppress appetite, eliminate to some extent the effects of hypoglycemia and improve the psychological state.


This is amino acid with unique properties. Carnitine accelerates the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondrial matrix – the site of their destruction. L-carnitine helps burn fat mass while protecting your muscles. This supplement is not only safe, but also good for health. L-carnitine strengthens the cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol and raises tonus. It should be noted that carnitine has a low level of evidence.

Appetite suppressants

There are suppressors of appetite or anorectics – a means to reduce hunger. Use them if you can’t cope with your appetite.

Calorie Blockers

Fat mass blockers and carbohydrate blockers inhibit digestive enzymes or bind to nutrients, so most of the food you eat remains undigested. These drugs and additives can’t independently solve the problem of excess weight, but can reduce the negative impact of episodic errors in the diet. Calorie blockers are taken before a meal rich in carbohydrates or fats.


Sweeteners can be used to sweeten drinks and foods. Recent scientific evidence suggests that the use of sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, stevia) leads to a decrease in total calorie intake and body weight in children and adults.

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