Warm-up before training

Did you know that warm-up before training helps your body prepare for mental and physical activities and reduces the risk of injury.

In fitness, warm-up is used to prepare for subsequent exercises.

The purpose of the warm-up before training is to gradually increase the circulation of blood in the body. The fact is that if you give a large load immediately, bypassing the warm-up, a sharp influx of blood can cause pain. For example, this causes lateral pain, which often occurs during running.

Pre-workout warm-up can combine rhythmic exercises and static exercises. It is also important to take into account the nature of the training ahead. If this is a run that is often used in fitness, you can run before you run. In this case, walking will be a preparatory exercise. Before jumping, it is advisable to squat, this warms the necessary muscles and joints and helps to avoid injury.

That is, it is necessary to take 5 minutes to warm up and as much to stretch. A good warm-up can take half an hour, but you fully warm up all muscles and can stretch them well.

In cold weather, or just if you’re going to be busy, you should spend more time getting started before you practice.

And here we come to the conclusion that in fitness the load should be given gradually. In the same way, you should gradually reduce the load at the end of the training. That is, before and after the run it is desirable to resemble a little.

Imagine that you’re going to stop abruptly after an intense run. The heart continues to actively drive the blood, which is no longer needed in this amount. There is an overload effect, which can have a detrimental effect on health. The moderate walking, on the contrary, will help you gradually bring the pulse to the norm.

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