How to make a training program

Creating a training program for muscle growth and strength development

This article describes how to independently create a training program that will be ideal for you, describes in detail the basic principles of construction depending on your goals (weight gain, increase in strength indicators or work on the muscle relief), lists the rules that you must use when choosing an exercise, and what you need to consider, the basics of building a split training are outlined and common mistakes are considered.

The basis of this manual lay the work of Christian Tibado – a weightlifter with great experience, and a specialist in developing training programs. To achieve a good result, you should carefully study all the stages without exception, which are listed in sequential order:

  1. Choosing a training goal – a training program should not pursue several goals at once. The same applies to diet and choice of sports nutrition.
  2. Drawing up a split program – the modern principle of training involves the training of various muscle groups on different days. This step needs special attention.
  3. The number of repetitions per mass and strength in the exercise.
  4. The number of sets per muscle group.
  5. The number of exercises per muscle group.
  6. The choice of exercises in bodybuilding.
  7. The best exercises for gaining muscle mass.
  8. Exercise speed.
  9. Execution order of exercise in gym.
  10. Duration of rest between exercises and sets.
  11. Rest between workouts.
  12. Optimal training duration.
  13. The best time for training.
  14. Advanced bodybuilding techniques.
  15. Electronic training diary.

This list contains well-systematized, proven and only necessary knowledge of strength training. You can find more information in the thematic section.

ParagraphTraining purpose
ForceExplosive ForceHypertrophyEnduranceSpeed
Load (% of maximum weight)80-9045-6060-8040-6030
Reps per set1-51-56-1213-601-5
Sets per exercise4-73-54-82-43-5
Rest between sets (min.)2-62-62-51-22-5
Duration (seconds per set)5-104-820-6080-15020-40
Repetition rate (% of max.)60-10090-10060-9060-80100
Workouts per week3-63-65-78-143-6
Table from the book “Super Training” by Mel C. Siff, 2003

Author’s word

This article reveals to the reader the strategy and tactics that allow you to independently create an individual training program. Bodybuilding and fitness coaches writing for magazines usually offer a wide variety of variations and sometimes bypass some of the rules I have outlined. However, it should be understood that in order to circumvent the rules (without loss of quality and efficiency), you must carefully master the basic knowledge. If you want to create advanced programs for yourself or other people, then you need to start with practical work on compiling classic programs. Then you will no doubt learn to develop advanced methods as needed.

In other words, you first need to get a diploma of self-education, and only then think about a dissertation. Do not rush, apply this knowledge wisely, step by step, and you will not notice how yourself begin to make up reasonable, logical and effective training programs.

Material rating

One well-known trainer was asked to rate the work of Christian Tibado “How to draw up a training program.” He said: “From now on, I hate him, because he revealed all the main secrets of professional trainers.”

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