The best kind of cardio

Interval cardio is performed as follows: they run fast for several minutes, and then they slow down, and then accelerate again. Moreover, the higher the intensity of sprinting jerks, the more fat is burned. In a well-known experiment, one group of athletes lost more fat in 15 weeks of intervals than the other group in 20 weeks of traditional jogging aerobics. At the same time, the energy consumption of this group was higher by 15,000 calories! 

However, this is not a violation of the laws of nature. Intervals, like heavy basic training, have the effect of inertial post-workout fat burning. As a result, the total time of active fat burning at intervals is longer. Hence, a higher return is taken. 

Here is an example of short-interval cardio training. After warming up, do a quick sprint lasting 1 minute. Then do a brisk walk, which should also have duration of 1 minute. Having regained strength during the fast-walking cycle, switch to the sprint again. Alternate sprint and walk minute intervals for 20-30 minutes.

There is no worse!

In bodybuilding, annoying mistakes also happen. What was considered useful suddenly turns out to be harmful.

Worst Training Method

Simulators (Training machines)

Not a single muscle on our body works by itself. All muscles are combined into large working groups. Meanwhile, the simulators offer us to pump each muscle in isolation from the assistant muscles. It would seem that such aiming is laudable, but in reality it works against muscle coordination. What is the result? In the end – nothing! Anyone who pumps muscles on exercise machines usually cannot boast of either mass or strength. The main tool of strength training is free weights!

Worst advice

Rest if your muscles hurt

Muscle pain cannot be an excuse for a not doing the training. In bodybuilding, it is not a danger signal. It’s just that individual muscle fibers overexert during the training process, tear and then give painful signals to nerve receptors. In general, the muscles are ready for work again. As for pain, it just needs to be endured. In return, you will get a nice bonus. If your muscles hurt, but you still exercise, then your body produces much more testosterone.

Worst Training Time

After cardio exercise 

Cardio causes a record secretion of growth hormone. As a result, the re-secretion of this hormone during the subsequent strength training is extremely weak. As scientists have established, it is about 3 times lower than the statistical norm. Growth hormone is known to grow muscle. Well, what can happen if growth hormone is released very little?

Worst kind of equipment

Unstable support

It would seem that the lack of strong support under the legs will benefit muscles. Strength exercises will be much more difficult. To perform the same squats on an unstable support is indeed much more difficult, but this does not help the muscles. In particular, the contractile activity of quadriceps is reduced by 57%. The situation is no better with exercises for the muscles of the body.

The worst kind of cardio

Slow running

A comfortable pace of aerobics, when you easily talk with a neighbor on the treadmill or read a book lying on the stand of your exercise machine, burns too few calories and therefore does not lead to significant loss of excess weight. Cardio intensity should be equal to 75% of the maximum heart rate. (MHR (maximum heart rate) is calculated by the formula: 220 minus your age in years.) 

Only when you step over this threshold do an improvement in the state of the cardiovascular system and a slight decrease in blood pressure be observed. To begin the loss of adipose tissue, the intensity of aerobics should be raised to 80-85% of the MHR.

Worst time for press training

At the beginning of the workout

Yes, a well-known rule says: which muscle is weaker, and load the first. However, abdominal muscles are an exception to the general rule. After all, they are responsible for stabilizing the body in a standing and sitting position. If the press gets tired and weak, the effectiveness of all basic exercises will suffer.

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