Best cardiac machine

The best cardio trainer is the treadmill. The bicycle ergometer is far behind her. The difference in efficiency is due to the fact that when you run, you have to fight for balance. This adds muscle to the work, which means more calories will be spent. Comparative experiments have shown that in fat burning, the “treadmill” is 45% more efficient than a bicycle ergometer.

Best aid to strength

Shock absorbers

It is worth attaching rubber shock absorbers to the ends of the barbell, as the force begins to grow at rocket speed. The extension of the joint is accompanied by an increase in the power of the extensor muscles, and therefore, to the end of the repetition, the bar seems to “ease”. When the shock absorbers are pulled, the rod, on the contrary, is heavier. So the muscles have to strain much more. 

Let’s say your barbell weighs 150 kg in squats. If you reduce its weight to 120 kg and hang shock absorbers with a resistance of 30 kg on the ends of the neck, then when doing squats your muscles will be forced to increase the force by 25%. It is clear that such squats increase leg strength much faster. With shock absorbers, you will surprisingly easily increase your working weights in many important exercises: bench presses, deadlifts, biceps curls, etc.

Best help motivation


The word strikingly affects a person. It is generally accepted that it gains magical power only from the lips of a hypnotist. However, the word will affect you even if you say it yourself. Moreover, you do not need to use any special techniques of self-hypnosis. It is enough to pronounce self-order in a categorical tone that does not allow any objections. For example, « I have become much stronger! » Repeat this phrase firmly several times before performing a difficult exercise and you will immediately notice that the repetitions went, surprisingly, easily.

How best to do cardio

Mini sessions

By the end of a long aerobic exercise, its intensity inevitably falls due to mental fatigue. It turns out that without any damage to the result of cardio trainer can be divided into short mini-sessions of 10 minutes. Moreover, between such sessions, let’s rest for up to 20 minutes! The total calorie consumption will remain the same and even grow! Breaks will especially benefit those who practice interval cardio trainer in extreme mode. Even the most recent intervals will be as intense as possible!

Best Training Aid

Hand straps

Grip strength indirectly affects the strength of the contraction of the working muscle. Tighten the brushes firmly to the bar neck with the hand straps, and your set will certainly be extended by a couple of extra repeats. It is customary to use belts when the barbell neck can fall out of weakened hands. However, as an experiment, you can use belts even where, apparently, there is no need for them, for example, in the biceps curls or in the bench press. And even here, thanks to the strengthened grip, you are guaranteed to make additional repetitions.

Best cardio time

After workout

There were times when disagreement reigned on the question of the optimal time for cardio workouts. Someone advised to run before strength training, but someone – after its completion. Science has resolved the dispute through comparative experiments. It turned out that a bodybuilder loses subcutaneous fat faster when he practices cardio immediately after strength training. 

This is due to the fact that by the end of the training, the athlete’s blood already has a lot of “fat-burning” hormones. Aerobics stimulates new secretion, and fat is burned very quickly. Morning aerobics on an empty stomach is also good, but still inferior to the post-workout session.

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