Who Working Group In Visit At Balkan Pharmaceuticals

The Balkan Pharamceuticals Medicine Factory in Singera was visited by a working group at the initiative and under the auspices of the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe.

The visit took place between June 18-19, 2019, with the aim of training qualified staff. The working group included two qualified instructors from Denmark, a pharmaceutical inspector in Kyrgyzstan, three pharmaceutical inspectors from the Republic of Moldova and several members of the Balkan Pharmaceuitcals team headed by Quality Director – Carolina Mîţu.

In a letter from Hanne Bak Pedersen, the organization expressed confidence “that this inspection will contribute to the international collaboration and strengthening of pharmaceutical’s products regulation in the region”.

“We are always open to collaborations with international organizations, especially when this collaboration comes to improve the company’s processes. We consider the inspectors’ visit under the auspices of the World Health Organization to be of great importance for both our company and the Republic of Moldova “- said Balkan Pharmaceuticals director Vasile Cazacu.

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