Tv Emission – “limited Access” Visited The Production Facilities Of The Balkan Pharmaceuticals

On April 20, Moldova’s public channel Moldova 1 broadcasted the “Limited Access” show in which they addressed the process of medication manufacturing. Producers of the show visited the Balkan Pharmaceuticals plant in Singera, where they documented the main production processes.

The key professionals of the company spoke: Carolina Mîţu – quality manager, qualified person; Tatiana Garam – Head of Production Department; Iulian Buga – Chief Mechanic; Valeriu Peredelcu – Head of Health and Safety; Nicolae Paladi – chief of microbiology laboratory and Vasile Cazacu – general manager of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, spoke about the quality, processes, equipment, personnel and pharmaceutical complex as a whole.

We invite you to watch the show by accessing the link from the source, or directly on our YouTube channel.

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