What does enandrol do to a man?

On December 30, 2017, at the University of Southern California, sports scientists analyzed the results of taking a placebo. Dosages of 50 and 100 mg per day were taken by elderly healthy patients. At the same time, research data from 2003 were published demonstrating the positive effect of Oxymetholone on muscle growth and fat loss.

The analysis showed that men who took the drug had an increase in muscle mass by about 3.3 kg. Those who consumed a dosage of 100 mg gained more than 4.2 kg. The reduction of adipose tissue in both groups was recorded at the level of 2.6 and 2.5 kg, and this once again proves that the drug is able not only to build up dry mass, but also to burn fat. Body scans showed that men weighing 50 kg lost almost 2 kg of fat in the torso area. Those who took a double dose of 100 mg lost about 2.2 kg. Based on the research, it was concluded that most of the participants in the experiment had fat mass leaving the middle part of the trunk, that is, from where it usually accumulates in men.

One of the unique unexplored characteristics of Anadrol is that it, being a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone, has a very high level of estrogenic activity. As a rule, anabolic steroids – derivatives of DHT – are not endowed with the properties of transformation into estrogen through the enzyme aromatase and, as a result, do not demonstrate estrogenic effects. In this sense, Anadrol is significantly different from the rest. It is known that Anadrol, even without transforming into estrogen, causes water retention in the body, gynecomastia and other side effects characteristic of estrogens. Anadrol is believed to act as an estrogen in certain tissues. But those who are looking closely at Anadrol should understand that the drug is a derivative of DHT, but does not demonstrate the effects and effectiveness inherent in Dihydrotestosterone. Anadrol is not able to transform into estrogens, because aromatase inhibitors are unable to cope with the estrogenic manifestations characteristic of the drug.

Can you take it any other way than injection?

Yes, this drug is also available in powder and tablet form. Anadrol is an oral anabolic steroid. This means that before getting into the blood, the substance must pass through the liver. The C17-alpha-alkyd group helps Anadrol not to collapse under the influence of metabolic processes, which supports the preservation of the integrity and penetrating abilities of the drug. Sharp hepatoxicity is a well-known characteristic feature of Anadrol.

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