BP Enandrol 10 ml
BP Enandrol

BP Enandrol



Package: 1 vial (250mg/ml 10 ml)
Active Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Product name: Testosterone Enanthate, Enantat, Test E, Enandrol

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BP Enandrol 10 ml (Testosterona ) is a powerful hormone with many potential side effects, most of which are due to the fact that testosterone tends to turn completely into estrogen.

Water retention will be visible fairly quickly, and fat accumulation will be observed.

Therefore, it is not a steroid that can be used during the drying period or before the start of the competition. When using this drug, there may be a risk of gynecomastia, so we strongly recommend adding an anti-estrogen such as Provimed or Clomed to the course.

Enandrol contains as active substance enanthate testosterone, a male hormone. Enandrol is injected into a muscle. Enzyme testosterone is a manufactured form of the male sex hormone, testosterone, which is naturally secreted. It is used in men to replace testosterone for treating various health problems caused by lack of testosterone (male hypogonadism).


Testosterone is the main androgen hormone produced in the testicles. It’s very important for growth and development of men sexual organs and also secondary sex features (readiness of prostate, seminal cysts, male organ as well as scrotum), men hair syndication (confront, pubic bone, chest) building speech organ, muscle groups and body fat submission. Retains nitrogen, salt, potassium, as well as phosphorus in the body, increases necessary health proteins constructive metabolism minimizing catabolism. Early increase of LCD concentrations of testosterone in prepubertal period brings stunned growth as well as epiphyseal closure. Testosterone causes the production of glycoprotein as well as erythrocytes. Due to feedback mechanism it inhibits the pituitary secretion of luteinizing and follicle hormone and causes suppression of spermatogenesis.

In women, Testosterone Enanthate inhibits the pituitary gonadotrophic function, ovarian function, mammary glands, endometrial atrophy. Because of the antagonistic action of estrogen it is used in the treatment of uterine myoma, endometriosis, breast cancer. It is very efficient in the climacteric period.


Like all medicines, Enandrol can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. If any of the side effects gets serious, tell your doctor or pharmacist. The most common side effects (may affect up to 1 in 10 people) are acne, abnormally high abnormal red blood cell counts, weight gain, hot flashes, increase of prostate specific antigen (increase of biochemical index in blood), increased prostate size and associated problems, increased erections and pain at the site of administration.


The common dosage for adults is 50-200 mg administered intramuscularly once a week. It is not recommended to exceed 400 mg per month. The length of treatment is determined individually.

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