The right dosage of steroids

Today, there is a huge group of drugs called anabolic steroids. The right dosage of steroids commonly used are:

  • Methane (danabol, made in the form of tablets, is widely known).
  • Testosterone (enanthate, Sustanon, propionate, in the form of injections).
  • Boldenone – resembles a deck (requires a large number of injections, made in the form of injections).
  • Trenbolone (a tool for those who are professionally engaged in bodybuilding, is used in the form of injections).
  • Winstrol and stanozolol (strong anabolic steroids, produced in the form of injections and tablets).
  • Deca (nandrolone decanoate – a strong drug of the anabolic group, in the form of injections).

Beginners try to get high results in a short period of time. They strive to try different group of drugs for the first time. Of course, not all beginners do this, but a large percentage of bodybuilders. In fact, for a beginner, the use of anabolics contributes to little success (I affirm this with all confidence). If the athlete is not aware of how to properly train, no drugs will contribute to this. The right dosage of steroids.

The use of each drug is described in detail in its card. There are also medical indicators of devices on the site.

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