It doesn’t have to be a very complicated day for your chest workout. Try this great triad exercise for tails and strong breasts. Simplicity is usually the best way. And on a day of breast training, devoting all your energy to a few specific exercises is often much better than going through a lot of movement and getting rid of it before it’s complete.  

There are no more basic and basic exercises than these exercises, but that doesn’t mean you have to do sets one after the other without interruption. Just do these three movements stiffly, and you will experience a lot of pressure by taking advantage of the methods to increase the intensity of the exercise we will be talking about.

If these three exercises are done correctly, it will blast all of your breast muscles from top to bottom, resulting in bigger, stronger, better, and less time wasted muscles.

Triple Breast Exercises

1.High pressure chest with Smith machine

4 to 5 sets, 6 to 8 times repeated with a 10-second break (rest 60 seconds between sets).



When you have muscle weakness, rest for 10 seconds and then try to restart for 60 seconds before your complete rest. Do this for all sets. These short breaks are a great way to add more workouts and maximize your chest muscles. Do this exercise in 5 sets, but if you feel you have done enough after 4, you do not need to continue.


Repeat 3 to 4 sets, 8 times, with 4-second negative reps (rest 60 seconds between sets).



Resistance to stretching pressure when lowering weights is much more positive than simply letting the weights go down and then trying to lift them again. Also, don’t hit the weights at the top of the movement – in fact, don’t let them get in touch at all. Focus on squeezing your chest muscles and having a good contraction. You can do this without letting the weights get in touch.

3.Push-ups on bars

With weights. One in between, a dip with the device and a drop set.

3 sets, until muscular disability, with one set of weights without weight after each set (rest 60 seconds between sets).



In this last exercise, you go to the drop sets. Repeat as many times as you can, and if you can move more than 12 times, use a heavier weight. When you have muscle weakness, lift the weights and continue again to achieve muscle weakness again. Repeat this drip set every 3 sets. If you can’t do the dropouts with your body weight, use a helper or a device and get help after you get your first muscular disability.