Advanced bodybuilding techniques

As I already said, training with iron involves emotions very much. In an effort to change ourselves, we want maximum results in the shortest possible time, so when we hear about advanced training techniques (rest / pause, pre-fatigue, drop sets, chains, harnesses, etc.), we immediately want to insert them into our program, expecting a speedy miraculous transformation.

Yes, these techniques can really help. And no, you cannot start using them from the very beginning. Most people do not need them at all: beginners and middles are making excellent progress by simply focusing on a simple program and quality recovery.

And only very experienced athletes, who are given every little step forward with great difficulty, need to apply these methods. The more you have achieved, the better your body adapts to physical stress. In the end, you need special training methods to give the muscles the necessary load.

It is at this point that advanced techniques will really help. Include them in your program should only be when the return on conventional programs becomes minimal. If you start using them too early (when you still do not need them), then yourself will limit your possible achievements.

Fact No. 1. Advanced training techniques are needed for experienced athletes, not for beginners and middles.

Fact No. 2. The body adapts to everything, including training methods. When this happens, the effectiveness of these techniques is significantly reduced.

Fact No. 3. If you start using the most advanced techniques when you do not need them, you will reduce their effectiveness in the future when you may need them.

And I’m not saying that you need to apply all these methods. Start with a simple program, work on the basics. When you get comfortable and move forward, you can gradually incorporate advanced techniques. But do it gradually so that, firstly, you do not overload the body, and secondly, to assess the effectiveness of each individual method; if you start to apply 3-4 methods at once, you will not be able to determine exactly what and how much has helped to your progress.

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