What are free weights?

During the exercise, athletes must have a weight load, without which the muscle corset will not develop. It can be obtained using simulators or free weights. We will find out what free weights are, how to apply them correctly during power training and what advantages they have.

It is possible to call free weights all that is not fixed and has at least some mass. The trajectory of the movement of such projectiles is determined exclusively by the biomechanics of the athlete’s body, and not by the capabilities of the simulator. In bodybuilding, dumbbells, giri, rods, as well as simple pancakes from it are used as their quality.

Outside of power sports (in wellness fitness, in home training), weight-weighting devices are often used to fix on wrists or ankles. Weight vests can also be used to increase the load. At home, homemade bottles filled with water or sand are also used.

How to train correctly with free weights

Rules for performing power exercises with the use of free “iron”:

  1. Before the first training, the athlete should study the technique of performing exercises – and it is better to do this with the coach. During their execution, account should be taken of the position of the body, the angle of inclination of its individual parts. It is important to know the correct amplitude and the optimal frequency of motion. Any technical error can result in serious injury. This is especially true of an excessively rotten back, a relaxed stomach, and cases where shells move by inertia.

  2. Thoughts should be focused on performing exercises. Each repetition should be monitored independantly to ensure that the technique is observed and the desired amplitude and frequency of movement are achieved. This is necessary to improve training efficiency and minimize injuries
  3. For each type of exercise, you need to select the optimal weight. This is done empirically. It is necessary to choose such a mass of projectile that it is possible to carry out with it up to 7-12 repetitions. The optimal weight can be calculated using special calculators, starting from one repetition with the maximum weight.

Free weights are an excellent alternative to simulators. They develop athletic qualities, joint mobility, balance and pure power. But athletes note that the best result can be achieved only with a competent combination of both types of training: With simulators and with “iron”. Their alternation allows the stabilizing muscles to develop well and quickly gain mass.

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