Rest between workouts

I don’t care how cool and brutal a sportsman you think you are. The laws of physiology work for everyone. One of these laws states that muscles do not grow in training. No one ever gained muscle during the workout.

When you crawl home after shock training, your condition is much worse than before visiting the gym: you damaged muscle fibers; you exhausted your energy reserves and nervous system. And only if you give your body the necessary rest and nutrition, will something good begin to happen.

During recovery, your body rebuilds damaged fibers again, making muscles bigger and stronger (muscle hypertrophy or tissue remodeling), restores energy reserves with some excess (overcompensation), and the nervous system learns to better recruit motor units (nervous efficiency). In short, all good things happen when you are not training.

However, many guys do not give their bodies enough rest time in order for progress.

I have my own theory about this, and again I draw your attention to the fact that training involves emotions very much. We become too impatient, trying to quickly create the figure of our dreams. We want to be large and dry, to have inhuman strength, and we want this immediately!

Than stronger our desire, the more irrational our behavior and the more time we spend in the gym. There is nothing to be done, we are accustomed with the fact that the more time we spend in the gym, and the harder we work, the better the result.

Our parents and teachers forced us to spend more time at lessons, the trainers advised us with these words: In the dictionary “success” comes after “work”! When we start working, we also note that the more hours we work, the greater the salary. How can we blame us for thinking the same about workouts?

So, you need to abandon such thinking right now, because this is nonsense. Main fact: prolonged and intense training will not give you the desired progress without adequate recovery. In fact, you can begin to regress if you work outside your regenerative abilities.

Do you know what the most stupid thing people do when they don’t get results due to overwork and insufficient recovery? Spend more damn trainings! They believe that they lack a training load. I’ll say it once and I won’t repeat it: forget the formula “insufficient progress = insufficient load”. In most cases, especially among people with high motivation, insufficient progress = incorrect load / recovery ratio.

I specifically note this so that, when composing a good program for yourself, you will surely include a sufficient number of days of rest and give your body the opportunity to recover and improve. It should be understood that “rest day” does not necessarily mean the day when you do nothing at all. There are three types of recovery. We will analyze each.

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