Positive and negative phases of the exercise

Positive and negative phases are two mandatory components of any exercise. In pursuit of incredibly fast results, many beginning athletes rush to use all kinds of stimulators, overstrain the body and load themselves with training beyond any limit. The desire to get a relief press or biceps in a couple of months or even in a few weeks can only harm the body. Another question is that it is quite realistic to speed up the process of bleeding the muscle mass if you are competent to deal with the issues of nutrition, load and preservation of the result.

In the positive phase, the maximum load is concentrated. In the case of bench press, this is the moment of weight lifting. In the negative phase, the muscles relax, the weight falls. The body is arranged so that it is at the time of the negative phase that the release of hormones occurs, which triggers the growth of muscles and helps to increase them.

The trouble is that most beginners will only focus on the active, positive phase of exercises, and negative are treated with disdain. If you return to the pressure of lying, it turns out that first the weight “pushes” up, and then sharply “throw”, again straining the muscles only when the neck is almost touching the chest. This approach is fundamentally wrong, it can tighten the build-up of muscle mass and significantly damage the body.

Strangely enough, the vast majority of injuries occur during the negative phase of the exercise. The wine is sharp movements, inattention during the phase and point overloads of muscles. It turns out, on the one hand, the payload on the muscles in this part of the exercise decreases, while the risk of micro-tears not only of muscle tissue, but also of ligaments increases significantly. So how to do the exercises correctly so that not only do not harm yourself, but also get the maximum result?


For uniform muscle development and muscle mass growth, it is necessary to pay equal attention to both negative and positive phases. So, on the one hand, the endurance of the organism will grow, and on the other – its strength will increase significantly. A competent approach to the construction of exercises, control of own movements throughout the lesson – is the key to success in rocking any muscle groups.

Those wishing to make the muscle mass as volumetric as possible, it is necessary to devote more time to the negative phase, increasing the load and stretching the phase itself over time. It is optimal to develop a load-growth program with a good coach, who can and insure, if necessary, and help the right advice in terms of implementing approaches.

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