Genetics and Bodybuilding

In this article you will learn how to distinguish a genetically gifted bodybuilder athlete from an amateur who nature has not given bonuses for the rapid development of a powerful bodybuilder.

This information will help you identify your genetics (good or bad). So that you know all your pros and cons in bodybuilding at the planning stage. Genetic predisposition to a sport is often a determining factor in the formation of the champion in the professional arena.

Let us identify the decisive genetic factors that directly affect success in bodybuilding:

  1.Type of build
  2.The anchor point of the muscle
  3.Neuromuscular connection
  4.The abdomen is long
  5.Type and number of muscle fibers
  6.Response of the body to anabolics
  7.Character (personality).


People with slow metabolism, like the rules of thick, have a lot of excess weight, at the same time, rapid digestion contributes to weight loss, people will find it difficult to gain muscle mass.

Someone can eat a lot and not fat, due to rapid metabolism. And someone can eat an extra bun, a cake and immediately fly away. In addition, athletes learn different substances that are useful for muscle growth, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Load response

We respond differently to training programs, someone just 2 times do the lying bar press, that the chest would grow like a yeast. And someone at 5-day training of thoracic muscles, will not get a result.

Атлет выполняет подъем штанги на бицепс в скамье Скота

All individually, much depends on the restoring abilities of the body, the fitness of the athlete. However, it is not necessary to confuse, beginners and experienced athletes, for the first, everything is very simple, the body will grow, to a certain point on the universal program, since the hidden possibilities of the newcomer (the potential for growth of strength and muscle mass) are still very far from the limit of human possibilities.

Body Response to Steroids (Pharmacology)

Steroids act differently on a person, this is a fact. For example, one athlete has enough low dose, the same methane, which would feel the effect of using this anabolik, and someone will not give anything to a large dosage. 

Анаболические стероиды на голубом полотенце и штанга

Everything depends on the availability of free receptors in muscle cells. That could contact a steroid molecule in a steroid-receptor complex. It turns out that someone has more free receptors in muscles, someone has less, someone’s body better responds to steroids, someone is worse.

Great advice to amateurs and experienced athletes

It is necessary to understand that no diet, training program will never make out of you a champion. If your genetics is mediocre, in turn you can change the body beyond recognition. But no champion, professional level, unfortunately, it is not necessary to speak.

Культурист готовится к тяжелому жиму гантелей

Unfortunately, in the gym, among athletes, experienced level, well and final among beginners, there is still an opinion that a rigid approach to training and steroids can make him a champion. It is only a myth, do not destroy your health on supplements, they will not   make from you a professional bodybuilder if with genetics you are unlucky.

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