Arnold mode is an exercise for the delta muscles

Arnold mode is an effective exercise designed to work out the delta muscles. The exercise is simple: Only dumbbells are needed to achieve the effect. And, of course, a serious mood.

In the world of fitness and bodybuilding it is difficult to consolidate something original – this is true. It is difficult to come up with a new one, often the exercises are similar or are clickable among themselves. But Arnold Schwarzenegger is the person who succeeded.

Once the famous bodybuilder noticed that his shoulder muscles develop asymmetrically. And he solved the problem of Schwarzenegger with the help of a press with the turn of the dumbbells sitting from his chest. Yes, the exercise looks like a normal press with dumbbell. But there are differences. This option gives the fastest possible increase in the visual volume, and the load is distributed across all the bundles of the delta muscles.

Schwarzenegger showed the effectiveness of the exercise by personal example. And the first recorded its execution on the camera. As a result, Arnie received an excellent athletic figure, and the exercise – his name.

Arnold mode: How to perform

The main difference between the exercise and the classic dumbbell press: The tension in the delta muscles is kept throughout the entire execution. This is due to the fact that the elbows are pushed forward, being at the bottom point. During a normal press, elbows in this position are lowered on the sides of the body.

Step-by-Step Execution:

  • Raise the dumbbells to the neck level. Note: Hands in the wrists should be turned toward the body. Keep the triceps from pressing against the chest, keeping the gap throughout the exercise.
  • At the exhalation, raise your hands and extend to the sides. The palms should be turned outward, away from themselves. Do not raise or lower your head. Exhalation stops and make extra effort to stretch the deltas. Why it is important: Muscles should remain in constant tension, otherwise the result will be weaker. At the top of the amplitude, lift straight arms up, bend your elbows slightly, and turn your palms forward.
  • Inhale and lower the dumbbells. At the delta level, turn your palms toward the body. Remember the elbows: They should be taken forward, before the breast.

The main goal of Arnold’s press is to create a beautiful relief. Therefore, remember to keep the tension in your shoulders until you finish the exercise. Perform the exercise 12-15 times in a few ways.

An additional plus of Arnold’s press – activate engage in the work of the forearms, which are quite different to develop in principle.

Arnold’s mode: How to do it for better effect

The best result is achieved by athletes who perform the exercise sitting on a chair or bench back. Why is Arnold sitting mode more efficient: The body is fixed and it is not necessary to use force to maintain it in a stable state. This means that the athlete will focus only on working on the muscles of the shoulders.

Work with us and let your deltoid muscles become the most relief!

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