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Danabol (Methandrostenolone) – is a classic highly effective muscle mass gaining drug.

Aromatase inhibitors (Anastrozole, in this case.

Can be replaces with Letrozol & Exedrol) – should be used in low doses to maintain estrogen levels within normal limits. The vast majority of practicing athletes will recommend not using IA in this course at all, since the risk of gynecomastia will be small (about 5-10%), while excessive suppression of estrogen is fraught with some undesirable consequences. An ideal option would be to perform an estradiol test on approximately the 10th day of the course, if its level is increased, start taking anastrozole at 0.5 mg every other day, and make a control analysis after another 10 days. The indicated regimen of taking anastrozole is a compromise, as it will reduce estrogen levels slightly (by about 50%), while ensuring a lack of gynecomastia, preventing fluid accumulation in the body (increasing relief) and accelerating recovery after a course (estrogens make a significant contribution to suppressing the secretion of their own testosterone). Indirect evidence of excessive suppression of estrogen levels is a sharp drop in libido, the absence of a morning erection, and depression.

Clomed or Tamoxifen

is a post-cycle therapy to restore endogenous testosterone secretion. It starts 2–3 days after the last tablet of Turonabol. Clomed (approximate scheme: 2 weeks at 100 mg / day, then 1-2 weeks at 50 mg / day) is more preferable from a safety point of view.
Hepatoprotectors – optional, for liver repair.


Danabol (Methandrostenolone)




30-40 mg/per day


30-40 mg/per day

0.5 mg/once every 3 days


30-40 mg/per day

0.5 mg/once every 3 days


30-40 mg/per day

0.5 mg/once every 3 days


30-40 mg/per day

0.5 mg/once every 3 days


30-40 mg/per day

0.5 mg/once every 3 days


100 mg/per day


100 mg/per day


50 mg/per day


126-168 pcs

24 pcs

35 pcs

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