Testosterone Enanthate Solo (Short)


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Testosterone Enanthate Solo

Many people criticize short courses of long testosterone esters, since it is believed that they work only with long periods of administration of more than 8 weeks. Scientific evidence suggests otherwise. Firstly, the maximum concentration after injection is already observed on the 3rd day. Then it gradually increases to 3-4 weeks. Secondly, a study by Rogerson S, Weatherby RP in 2007 showed that a noticeable increase in muscle mass was observed already at 3 weeks of administration of testosterone enanthate. This course allows you to quickly recover without using gonadotropin. Short courses are often recommended for men after 40 years. Nevertheless, many athletes believe that expanding the course to 8-10 weeks will lead to more pronounced results with good recovery.

Short courses of testosterone propionate are often suggested, but in fact there is no difference. If the enanthate begins to work later, then it finishes working only 2 weeks after the end of administration. It is sometimes advised to introduce propionate at the beginning of the course and at the end in order to align the concentration curve, however, many believe that this lengthens the course, but does not increase the efficiency. Propionate has an inconvenient administration schedule, and the injections are extremely painful.

Testosterone Enanthate – is an ester of natural testosterone.

In bodybuilding, it is one of the most popular steroids for gaining muscle mass. Testosterone Enanthate is a long-acting steroid. Depending on the metabolism and hormonal background, the average duration of the drug is 2-3 weeks (elimination half-life is 6-7 days). In bodybuilding, eventing and weightlifting, injections are performed once or twice a week to maintain a consistently high and as stable concentration as possible.

Testosterone Enanthate can be replaced with Cypionate.

Aromatase inhibitors (Anastrozol, Exedrol, Letrozol)– are required even at low dosages of testosterone, since the level of aromatization of testosterone is high, so there is a need to prevent estrogenic side effects (fluid accumulation, gynecomastia, suppression of the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes). Low dosages of anastrozole are used, which allow maintaining the level of estrogen necessary for the body, while increasing relief and accelerating recovery. Confirmation are numerous reviews of Western athletes and qualified specialists. Ideally, the intake of IA is carried out under the control of the tests (they are prescribed if the level of estradiol is elevated), but it should be remembered that gynecomastia is often irreversible. An indirect sign of excessive estrogen suppression is a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction, in which case the dosage of IA should be reduced.


is the basis of post-cycle therapy, which begins 3-5 days after the final injection of propionate. Tamoxifen can be replaced with less toxic clomiphene (Clomed) or toremifene.


Testosterone Enanthate




500 mg/per week


500 mg/per week

0.5 mg/per 2 days


500 mg/per week

0.5 mg/per 2 days


500 mg/per week

0.5 mg/per 2 days


500 mg/per week

0.5 mg/per 2 days


500 mg/per week

0.5 mg/per 2 days


0.5 mg/per 2 days



20mg/per day


20mg/per day


10mg/per day


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