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Package: 100 tabs (250mcg/tab)
Active Substance: Methyltrienolone
Product name: Oral Tren, Methyltrienolone

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Oral Trenbolone 250mg

Brand names: Methyltrienolone; Methyl Trenbolone, MT, Oral Tren, Tren Tabs, Metribolone, R1881

Oral Trenbolone SP Laboratories or methyl-trenbolone is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids. It is not a medical steroid and is used only if one made this choice. It was created as a research steroid and it is rarely discussed. Methyl-trenbolone is a derivative of trenbolone, methylated to be administered in an oral form. Alike trenbolone it is not flavored and does not have estrogenic properties. These are the similarities of the two steroids. Although it differs from trenbolone from a single group C-17 methylated, the action is very different from the trenbolone and can not be considered the oral form of trenbolone.

Oral Tren is much more toxic and powerful than trenbolone. It was proved by the experiments on animals that are 300 times more powerful than methyl-testosterone. Methyl-trenbolone was created to be very resistant when passing the liver, and this makes it a strong anabolic steroid. To understand how powerful it is just paying attention at the maximum dosage you must take, it is necessary only 1 mg, to obtain maximum effects. The resistance to pass the liver makes it very hepatotoxic, the most hepatotoxic steroid ever met. That why it is not available in no pharmacy all over the world. Legally it is used only as a research substance.

The positive effect of Oral Trenbolone (methyl-trenbolone):
oral form
muscle growth and strength
does not aromatize to estrogen
no water retention
lean and clean gains
Side Effects of Oral Tren SP Laboratories:
high hepatotoxicity
oily skin
also affects the libido during the cycle
cardiovascular disease
increase bad cholesterol levels
Administration of Oral Trenbolone:
In case you are decided to use methyl-trenbolone you need to monitor the liver functions once a week. The cycle length must not be longer than 4 weeks, and the doses not higher than 1-2 mg per day, which is considered extremely high. An efficient dose and relatively sure is 500-750 mcg/day. Used intelligently it can bring noticeable muscle mass, but it is a strong steroid that must be used by those that have a big experience in manipulating with steroids.


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