The company Balkan Pharmaceuticals has released a new drug – “APOLLO”

 In the spring of 2019, the company Balkan Pharmacheuticals mastered and began production of the drug “Apollo” 50 mg and 100 mg options, the active substance of which is sildenafil – created to restore sexual function in the male sex.

When excited by the drug, certain muscles and blood arteries relax, thereby increasing blood flow to the penis.

You need to understand that the drug works only with sexual stimulation.

The big plus is the almost instant effect of the drug. You will notice the first effect 15 minutes after taking Apollo. Apollo does not affect the heart, the pupils do not dilate when it is taken, and it does not affect the motility of the sperm produced.

Try our new product, you and your partner will be pleasantly surprised!

All details on the correct use and medical effects of the drug can be found on our website or on the website of the company-manufacturer (

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