Creatine in food

Creatin is a nitrogen amine that is supplied daily with approximately one gram of food. Creatine is found in meat, fish and other animal products and can be produced in the liver, kidneys and pancreas from amino acids of glycine, arginine and methionine. Half a kilogram of fresh, raw beef contains about two grams of creatine.

Estimated level of creatine in foodstuffs (in grams of creatine per 1000 grams of food source): cod – 3, herring – 6.5-10, salmon – 4.5, tuna – 4, beef – 4.5, pork – 5, milk – 0.1, cranberry – 0.02.

Now you can draw the conclusion that to get enough creatine out of food, you have to consume a very large amount of food. In addition, it must be taken into account that much of the creatine will be destroyed during the process of cooking.

It is obvious that as a person moves into less mobile environments, the need for food has decreased significantly, but so has the reduction in the supply of creatine. To the lack of creatine, the muscles have gradually adapted over the last millennia, but phylogenetically the intake rate has remained higher. So we don’t overload the body’s metabolic systems, but we put them into early operation, and in a way, we return them to more profitable primordial conditions.

Trying to increase the consumption of creatine in the form of foodstuffs will lead to obesity and overload of those organ systems that are responsible for the absorption and processing of other food components. Not only is there currently no need for large quantities of the same meat, but it is also harmful, as the body’s ability to digest, assimilate and metabolize it safely in such quantities is no longer available.

Thus, to take full advantage of the ability of the creatine to upload muscle tissue, which has retained the ability to absorb large doses of creatine, but not to overload other organ systems weaned from absorbing large amounts of food, there is only one way out – use of pure creatine. And that’s what sports food gives you.

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