Balkan Pharmaceuticals Is Widening Its Portfolio Of Medicines

  • The expansion of the range of manufactured medicines is one of the main goals of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, which contributes to ensuring the pharmaceutical security of the Republic of Moldova and diminishing the dependence on imported drugs.The Medicines and Medical Devices Agency authorized, by Order No. 126 of 18 May 2018, eight new Balkan Pharmaceuticals medicines, two of which are Moldovans’ number one choice in healing headaches – Citramon BP (tablets) and Citramon BP Forte (tablets).

    At the same time, other products have been authorized including: – Algodex (25 mg / ml, 2 ml, N5 / N10 solution for injection); – Lisinopril-BP (5mg, N14 / N28 tablets) – Lisinopril-BP (10mg, N14 / N28 tablets) – Lisinopril-BP (20 mg tablets, N14 / N28 tablets) – Propandrol (100 mg / ml, 1 ml, N10 solution for injection) – Propandrol (100 mg / ml, 10 ml, N1 solution for injection)

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