Balkan Pharmaceuticals And The State University Of Moldova Sign A Partnership Agreement

On November 21, the General Manager of Balkan Pharmaceuticals – Vasile Cazacu and the Rector of the State University of Moldova – Gheorghe Ciocanu, signed a Partnership Convention which aims at adjusting the process of professional training of students to the needs of the labor market and the granting of scientific assistance in economic activities.

The Convention aims to modernize study plans and programs, taking into account the prospect of developing modern technology. At the same time, the parties have pledged to provide mutual consultation on the process of inovation.

The partnership agreement will benefit both signatories, as well as the young specialists, while Balkan Pharmaceuticals is committed to getting students to practice internships in the company, and the Moldovan State University to recommend graduates of the University for employment.

The document also provides for the organization of round tables with the familiarization of students and teachers with the realities of the Balkan Pharamceuticals economic activities, as well as the planning of studies and retraining courses for the employees of the company.

The signing of the Partnership Convention is part of the Balkan Pharmaceuticals’s activities and initiatives to maintain ongoing development and staff training. For Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the most important value is its employees, the team that fulfills the company mission and the set goals. That’s why we work to maintain a pleasant, positive and success oriented working environment in the company.

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