A New Method Of Protection Against Counterfeit Products

Balkan Pharmaceuticals cares about its clients. This is why we regularly develop various means of protecting our products.

The most recent (2018) method of protection against counterfeit products is the customized hologram used on the packaging of every product for which counterfeiting has been reported. The holograms are complex images, made up of a compilation of unique elements.

Holograms on the packaging of tablets will be marked with the word „TABLETS”, while those on the packaging of ampoules, with the inscription „INJECTABLES”.

The sophisticated design of Balkan Pharmaceuticals packaging is another method of protection against counterfeited products. It consists of different tactile and visual identity elements, inlcuding:

  1. The embossed product name and dosage.
  2. The embossed original logo.
  3. The package colors, including the light blue shadow in the top right corner.
  4. Product series, manufacture and expiry dates. Dotted letters and numbers.

The most important method of protection against counterfeited products is the Unique Product Identification Code or UPIC. Each blister and ampoule has a printed unique code, that can be verified on b-p.md.

Using this code, the customer gains full access to product information, such as series number, date of manufacture and expiry date. Also the system will notify you that the product is not original, if your code doesn’t match our database.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals continues its efforts to maintain the high quality of medicines and to protect its customers from counterfeited products. We highly recommend that you pay attention to the identification elements of the original Balkan Pharmaceutical products.

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