The best time to take protein

Optimum time to intake protein for muscle gain

1. Protein after sleep

On average, most people sleep 7-8 hours a day. When the body does not receive food during this time, it begins to use stored energy sources, that is: glycogen from the liver and muscles, and amino acids, which it receives due to the destruction of muscles. In addition, in the morning, the production of the hormone cortisol increases, as a result of which the process of catabolism of muscle tissue starts, in order to prevent it, it is necessary to take a portion of fast protein. Whey protein or protein hydrolysate will be the best choice in this case.

2. During the day

When gaining muscle mass, it is important to create the conditions under which the amino acid pool will be continuously replenished. To do this, you need to eat often, and between meals take 2-4 servings of protein of about 20-35 g. If you know that you cannot eat for a long time, be sure to take a serving of slow or complex protein.

3. Protein before training

In addition to your usual meal (2 hours before your workout), you should take a small portion of “fast” whey protein or take BCAA 30 minutes before it starts. BCAAs are essential amino acids; they make up one third of all muscle tissue proteins and are used as an energy source for intense muscle training.

4. Protein after training

Protein intake after exercise is very important. At this time, your body absorbs nutrients particularly well. Glycogen reserves are exhausted, the concentration of amino acids and blood sugar is low. To speed up replenishment of spent carbohydrate reserves and quickly increase the level of amino acids in the blood immediately after training, it is recommended to use a gainer. Protein will quickly ensure the flow of amino acids into the blood, and carbohydrates will be used to restore glycogen.

5. Protein before bedtime

It is widely believed that eating at bedtime leads to the accumulation of fat in the body. This statement is justified in relation to the intake of carbohydrates and fats, but not in relation to protein (although this is true only for physically active people). Over the next 6-8 hours, you will not be able to eat, and your body will not receive the amino acids necessary for growth and recovery. Therefore, to prevent nightly catabolism of muscle tissue, it is recommended to take a portion of a slow protein 30 minutes before bedtime, which will provide a long-term stable level of amino acids in the blood throughout the night. The ideal choice here is a complex mixture, including proteins with different absorption rates: whey, milk, micellar casein, etc.

The optimal time for taking protein when working on terrain

The same as when you are working on muscle mass gain.

The optimal time for taking protein while losing weight

When losing weight, it is important to consume proteins during the day between meals, as they are not supplied with food enough, therefore health problems can occur, your muscles will begin to break down and the weight loss process will be ineffective. It is known that with a decrease in weight and its set one should eat at least 5-6 times a day, and here protein shakes come to the rescue, which make life much easier by replacing 2-3 meals with a concentrated protein product that does not contain fats and carbohydrates that can seriously interfere with your sporting goals. Portions of protein for weight loss are 1/2 of the standard (15 g). Also take the protein 2 hours before training and 2 hours after training in 1/2 portion.

Use during weight loss proteins, which include complex and slow types of protein. So you will ensure the constant flow of amino acids into the blood for several hours, before a full meal.

Protein before bedtime

Beginners in strength sports can gain almost twice as much muscle mass if they take an extra protein shake before bedtime. Protein intake at bedtime is an effective dietary strategy to increase skeletal muscle mass and increase strength in combination with regular strength training in healthy young people.

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