Tablets To Treat Ones Body. Theater To Treat Ones Soul

Tablets for body therapy and theater for soul therapy. During winter holidays, Balkan Pharmaceuticals finansed the campaign “Come to the theater with your grandparents”, part of the 60plus social project, encouraging young people to invite their grandparents to theater, offering them free tickets.

More than 500 elderly people went to theater free of charge with children, grandchildren or life partners in the campaign “Take your grandparents to the theater”. For one month, for each ticket purchased, grandchildren could receive a free ticket for their grandparents, or 60+ parents.

The campaign “Take your grandparents to the theater” was launched on December 14, 2017 by the 60plus Social Program in partnership with “Mihai Eminescu” National Theater, with the support of Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Thus, we managed to bring 500 grandparents and 60+ parents closer to their children and grandchildren.

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