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Anabolic steroids are among the potent substances that cause hypertrophy of the muscles, and their effects are being actively studied both in medicine and in the field of sports. It should be emphasized at once that the use of steroids should be carried out in accordance with the indications and under the supervision of a medical specialist. The use is contraindicated for adolescents, as it can carry significant and unjustified health risks. This article provides background information and does not encourage use.

SportWiki experts have reviewed a large amount of current literature, studies and scientific articles, from which sufficiently substantiated and plausible information has been selected. In this article, we will try to cite the best steroid courses, which are characterized by maximum effectiveness and safety. A separate article focuses on describing and minimizing side effects.

General conclusions: the choice of anabolic steroid

  • The prescription of the drug should be made by a medical specialist
  • All anabolic steroids have androgenic activity, but in varying degrees of severity.
  • The more powerful and effective the steroid, the more side effects, so you should be careful with this indicator.
  • Generally, injectable steroids are safer than tablet forms.
  • The higher the dose and amount of steroids, the more side effects and the more pronounced the phenomenon of rebounding.
  • Do not try to get quick results by resorting to crazy cycles, after a couple of months you will be disappointed in this approach. It is more reasonable to do two “weak” courses with a break than one “powerful” course.
  • There are no new safe steroids. Don’t believe the ads – many old steroids are much better than the new ones. The explanation is simple – in the 20th century, steroid research was much better funded than it is now. Nowadays, the bulk of the funding goes not to getting a more potent and safer anabolic steroid, but to making it undetectable in tests.
  • It is highly advisable to use aromatase inhibitors and anti-estrogens in strictly defined cases. This will make the cycle much safer and increase its effectiveness. Remember that gynecomastia does not always develop, but in individual cases it is irreversible, so it should be prevented.

Main conclusion: To achieve good results, use steroids in moderate doses, in the right combinations, and without exceeding the optimal cycle time. Approximately 5-7 kg of muscle can be gained in one cycle while losing a significant amount of fat. If used properly, the results will be stable, the phenomenon of rolling back will be minimal, and side effects in most cases will be absent at all. Nevertheless, according to literature data, in 15-20% of cases there are side effects, and in 3% of them they are irreversible.

What are steroid courses based on?

The following steroid drug courses are compiled based on the experience of major resources (Do4a, Iron World and the forum with world experts, as well as sports medicine and current scientific data. Many “professionals” tend to believe that these courses are “too weak and short” so the results will be poor, but this is easily disproved by a simple example:

  1. John took a steroid course with drug X at a dose of 100 for a month, and then, after another 3 months, he repeated it. Total: 1 pack for everything, + 5 kg of muscle with allowance for rebound, no side effects at all.
  2. Peter underwent a course with drug X at a dose of 200 for 2 months. Total: 2 packs of X at 200 doses, +8 kg of muscle just after the cycle (the result seemed to be better at first sight), but half of the lost muscle will be gone in a month, i.e. total +4 kg of muscle, plus gynecomastia and hormonal metabolism disorders.

On any forum you will be advised option 2, because people can’t assess long-term effects and are focused on ephemeral results immediately after the course.

Short Courses and Muscle Memory

Norwegian scientists from the University of Oslo report that even short-term administration of anabolic steroids increases the ability of muscles to grow for a long time. According to experiments, the use of anabolics triggers the so-called cellular memory mechanism. Thus, when resuming physical activity after a long period of rest, muscle strength and volume will be restored much faster in athletes who have used anabolic steroids than in those who have never used them at all. In addition, those who took them would have more intense cell division. The results of the study are published in The Journal of Physiology.

Results of application

A study by Bhasin S, Storer TW on 43 healthy men showed that testosterone enanthate at a dose of 600 mg/week for 10 weeks allows for high athletic performance:

  • training without the drug resulted in a weight gain of about 1.8 kg;
  • administration of the drug without training resulted in an increase in lean muscle mass of 3 kg;
  • Subjects who performed strength training three times a week and received testosterone enanthate had a 6 kg gain in lean muscle mass.

Reduction of fat deposits was observed in all groups.

The best steroid courses for gaining muscle mass

Who is suitable for these steroid courses?

For men of lean physique, over 25 years of age to gain lean muscle mass, in the absence of contraindications to the use of anabolic steroids.

If you want maximum results, each course should also include:

  • Muscle mass gain diet – keep in mind that you need to gain up to 10 kg of mass during the course (of which 2-3 kg will then be lost), so be sure to weigh yourself every three days and monitor the weight gain with the diet. If the weight is not growing fast enough – then you need to increase the caloric content of your diet, and vice versa, otherwise you are wasting your time. The total amount of protein in the diet should be at least 2 g/kg of weight, more accurately you can calculate with a calculator.
  • Sports nutrition for gaining weight
  • Specialized Training


  • Solo courses for gaining muscle mass
  • Combined courses for gaining muscle mass
  • Courses for lean muscle mass and definition
  • For Increased Strength
  • Low-androgenic courses (prostate problems, alopecia, acne)
  • For joint problems
  • Steroid Courses for Athletes, Swimmers, Boxers, Runners
  • After 40
  • Andropause
  • Peptides + steroids (course building, SCT)
  • Advice from Dr. Luber
  • Dr. Luber: A course for lean muscle
  • Dr. Luber: A Course for Mass
  • Everlasting course (hormone replacement therapy)
  • The bridge between courses
  • Steroids for Women

Medical technique for performing the injection

According to the instructions, steroids are injected deep into the muscle (most safely injected into the gluteal muscle):

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. It is desirable to heat an ampoule with the drug to 38C-40C degrees in a water bath, at most in the armpit.
  3. Wipe your hands with alcohol
  4. Wipe the ampoule with alcohol.
  5. Open the ampoule: make a notch on the neck, break off the spout by wrapping it with gauze. If there is a mark in the form of a dot, you do not need to make a notch, just break off the spout.
  6. Use syringes with a 37 mm needle, these are 5 and 10 cc syringes.
  7. Draw the syringe, remove the air bubbles. Although when doing intramuscular injections, a couple of small bubbles are not dangerous at all.
  8. Treat the injection site with alcohol or other antiseptic (iodine, verdigris, cologne, or in extreme cases, vodka).
  9. Take a horizontal position, to avoid breaking the needle
  10. Insert the needle into the upper, lateral square of the buttock (see figure) to its full length at a right angle
  11. Pull the plunger to make sure no blood is flowing into the syringe and you have not hit a blood vessel. Getting oil-based medications into the bloodstream can be deadly.
  12. Slowly inject the medication
  13. Remove the needle and apply a swab soaked in alcohol (or other antiseptic) to the injection site
  14. Gently massage the injection site for about 5 minutes.


Anabolic drugs can only be used by prescription and are contraindicated in children. The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects.

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