Balkan Pharmaceuticals Nos Blast Shot
BP NOS Blast Shot

BP NOS Blast Shot



Package: 25ml x 20 pcs (liquid)
Active Substance/Per one serving dose (25ml): L-Arginine AKG – 4000 mg; DL L-Citrulline – 4000 mg; Beta Alanine – 3000 mg; Caffeine Anhydrous – 1500 mg
Product Name: NOS Blast Shot, Preworkout Complex, AminoAcids Preworkout Complex



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NOS Blast Shot (Preworkout Complex) by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

General Description:

Discover the power and energization offered by the top NOS Blast Shot supplement from Balkan Pharmaceuticals! Created with passion for your peak performance, this innovative dietary supplement is the key to your intense workouts and outstanding results.

NOS Blast Shot is more than just a supplement – it’s your trusted partner on the journey to superior fitness. With a special formula, a blend of proteins and free amino acids, this energizing elixir provides an immediate and constant boost to support intense training in the gym or any other activity, be it physical or intellectual.

This perfectly balanced mix contains the ideal doses of L-arginine AKG 2:1, DL-citrulline malate, beta-alanine, caffeine to facilitate your success. AKG 2:1 L-arginine is an essential amino acid that supports increased blood flow through vasodilation, improving oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles, which increases endurance and aids muscle regeneration. DL L-citrulline malate contributes to the elimination of ammonia from the body, reduces muscle fatigue and delays the onset of the feeling of overwork, allowing the achievement of new performances. Beta Alanine helps increase the concentration of carnosine in the muscles, a dipeptide made up of two amino acids that serves as a buffer for lactic acid released during physical exertion, which leads to the maintenance of optimal muscle pH and reduces the feeling of burning and fatigue in the trainings. Caffeine Anhydrous is a natural stimulant that improves agility, focus and endurance, providing instant energy and promoting increased performance during intense workouts.

The liquid form of NOS Blast Shot ensures a quick and effective absorption and thanks to the 25 ml single-dose container, the product is easy to administer and you can take it with you wherever your activities take you, to always have it at hand the necessary dose of energy.


NOS Blast Shot offers a wide range of health and sports performance benefits, helping you reach and exceed your fitness goals and enjoy outstanding results in your sporting activities.


NOS Blast Shot provides fast and steady energy essential for sustaining intense workouts and athletic performance in sports activities. In addition, the instant energy provided by this supplement can also have a positive impact on mood, contributing to overall well-being and boosting morale.


Its innovative formula, containing L-arginine AKG 2:1 and L-citrulline malate DL, helps to improve blood flow to the muscles, supporting the development and regeneration of their tissue.


The presence of beta alanine and caffeine help increase endurance, concentration and agility, allowing you to train at maximum intensity and focus better during training or sports activities.


DL L-citrulline malate contributes to the elimination of ammonia from the body, reducing muscle fatigue and delaying the onset of fatigue, which promotes faster recovery.


The presence of beta alanine contributes to maintaining the level of muscle acidity within optimal limits, reducing the feeling of burning and fatigue during physical exertion, which will lead to increased strength and endurance during the training session and to the faster addition of muscle mass.

Each Product is tested to guarantee potency and purity:

Every Balkan Pharmaceuticals product is manufactured in a GMP facility, undergoing numerous quality tests throughout the manufacturing process to meet high quality standards. The ingredients and final products are tested and analyzed by our Quality Control Department (and in the microbiology laboratory), and for total transparency and quality assurance, the results are in open access.
Balkan Pharmaceuticals has stood the test of time with thousands of health-fortifying products, drawing on the latest innovations in nutritional science and utilizing the optimal ingredients to deliver high-quality, value-added supplements.

Active Ingredients: 

Per recommended dose (25 ml) – L-Arginine AKG 2:1 – 4000 mg, L-Citrulline Malate DL – 4000 mg, Beta Alanine – 3000 mg, Caffeine Anhydrous – 100 mg.

Form of Packaging:

NOS Blast Shot comes in individually factory-sealed single-dose bottles or vials, the right option to protect against moisture, oxidation, contamination or chemical interaction by isolating the preparation and/or each serving in its own container. This guarantees the quality of the product until its actual administration. The bottle/vial packaging makes it easy to carry the required amounts of product and is a convenient addition to your daily health care routine.

Packaging Contents:

20 pcs x 25 ml, single-dose vials.


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