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A brief overview of the legality of steroids in different countries of the world

 Currently, there is no single legislation in the world that would regulate the legality of the sale of steroids and anabolic drugs. Each country has its own legislative acts that regulate the circulation of these drugs, and they can vary from fully authorized to completely prohibited. It should also be noted that each country also assumes its responsibility for the sale, use, possession of anabolic drugs, which can also vary from a simple confiscation and a fine up to criminal liability with all the ensuing consequences.

In this article we will try to briefly describe the laws of different countries in the context with the ability to buy, receive, store and use anabolic steroids. In any case, this article is for informational purposes only and the author of this article will always be grateful to his readers for any additions, notes, or comments.

So let’s go!

Nr.CountryLegality of Anabolic SteroidsNotes


1United KingdomAllowed personal use. 
3SpainSale is prohibited without a medical prescription. 
4GreeceAllowed in some regions. With and without medical prescription. 
5TurkeyAllowed without medical prescription. Import and export of steroids are prohibited. 
6LatviaAllowed with medical prescription, but in some pharmacies can be purchased without it. 
7Yugoslavia (meaning 6 republics)Allowed. 
9BelgiumAllowed with medical prescription. 
10FranceAllowed with medical prescription. 
11GermanyAllowed only with medical prescription for therapeutic purposes (under the supervision of a physician).Sent packages do not reach the addressee.
12SwedenTotally forbidden. 
13SwitzerlandAllowed with medical prescription. 
14ItalyAllowed personal use. Allowed with medical prescription for therapeutic purposes (under the supervision of a physician). 
16PolandAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
17RomaniaAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
19UkraineAllowed with/without medical prescription & for personal use. 
20RussiaProhibited. Criminal liability for sale or personal use. 
21CanadaLegally possess.Sent packages do not reach the addressee.
22United StatesProhibited. Allowed purchase and use for animals. 
23MexicoAllowed with/without a recipe. There are no steroid laws, but there are medical prescription requirements in pharmacies for people. In veterinary pharmacies, a recipe is not needed. Legal sale. 
26ArgentinaThe law provides for strict prescription sales, but may be sold without. Problems at customs. 
27BrazilIt is forbidden, but mailing is authorized (it is easier to control). 
28UruguayIt is forbidden, but mailing is authorized (it is easier to control). 
29ChileAllowed. Sold even in supermarkets near alcohol. 
31VenezuelaProhibited. Controlled and authorized by customs. 
32BahamasAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
33Costa RicaAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
34Dominican RepublicAllowed. 
35Puerto RicoAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
36Saudi ArabiaProhibited, but not strictly. 
42KuwaitProhibited, but not strictly. 
43IsraelProhibited.Sent packages do not reach the addressee.
44ChinaAllowed. It is legal to receive by mail. 
45JapanAllowed with medical prescription. 
46Hong KongAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
47South KoreaAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
48ThailandAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
49IndiaAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
50South AfricaAllowed with/without medical prescription. 
51AustraliaAllowed with the medical prescription. Hard to buy for individuals.Sent packages do not reach the addressee.

I would also like to say a few words about the prevailing myths about postal deliveries:

  1. Camouflage steroids in perfumes, powders and other items, as well as the use of metal foil in packaging.

This is completely unacceptable, for several reasons:

– When passing through customs control, the parcel may be scanned, and in this case, such a parcel will necessarily attract undue attention, since the scanner will in any case detect the presence of unidentified objects;

– There is a risk of foreign substances entering the hermetically sealed preparations.

  1. Your package has not been sent within the specified period.

You have nothing to worry about for the following reasons:

– The above drugs are not classified as rapidly deteriorating products;

– We are interested in the safe receipt of the ordered goods by our customers as soon as possible, and safety depends solely on the sending country, the recipient country and the type of drugs ordered;

– Safety conditions should always prevail over conditions of speed of delivery.

If you have any questions that were not raised in this article for any reason, write to the chat and our consultants will answer you.

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