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Oxandrolone (also known under the trademarks Oxanoger, Oxandrolin, Anavar, Oxandrin, Vasorome, Anatrophill, etc.) – is a synthetic steroid whose ring A is a heterocycle in which the second carbon atom is replaced by an oxygen atom.

Oxandrolone is widely known for its extremely low level of androgenic activity along with a high anabolic index.

It has the highest immune-stimulating effect among steroids, significantly increases the sensitivity of tissues to insulin. Oxandrolone was originally developed to treat debilitated HIV-infected patients with osteoporosis, osteochondritis, Turner syndrome, anemia, to accelerate recovery from burns, prolonged bed rest, and type II diabetes associated with overweight. Soon it began to be actively used in bodybuilding, after which Oxandrolone was listed as a controlled drug.

Start taking oxandrolone at a dose of 20-40 mg per day, divided into two doses – in the morning and at the beginning of the afternoon. After a week, increase the dosage of Oxandrolon to 40, maximum 80 mg per day, divided into 3 doses.

Take Oxandrolone 3 times a day: 20 mg in the morning, 20 mg in the afternoon and 20 mg in the evening (until 18:00). Do not use steroid drugs for 3 months after the course. For an additional fat burning effect, it is recommended to include Clenbuterol or other fat burners in the course.

Boldenone (Equipoise) – can be used instead of primobolan, however, it should be noted that it significantly increases appetite.

Boldenone was created as a long-acting version of methandrostenolone, however, a steroid was obtained that has completely different properties, despite the chemical similarity of the molecules. Boldenone is a Dianabol molecule that lacks the 17-alpha-methyl group (this part of the molecule allows Dianabol to pass through the liver without breaking down).

Boldenone Equipoise is chemically a testosterone molecule that has a double bond between 1 and 2 carbon atoms. This modification made boldenone as powerful as testosterone in its anabolic properties, while the androgenic properties of the drug are half as pronounced. However, practice shows that Equipoise allows you to get lower results than the equivalent amount of testosterone.

Also, this connection inhibits the process of aromatization (conversion to estrogen) of the drug. Athletes almost never notice side effects of boldenone associated with estrogen (gynecomastia, edema, increased pressure), even if the dose reaches 1 g per week. This means that during the course of Equipoise there is no need to take antiestrogens.

Low androgenic activity allows women to use equipoise. Viralization phenomena occur quite rarely, compared with other drugs. Boldenone is one of the few injectable drugs that can be used in female bodybuilding with the least risk of side effects.

Testosterone Propionate is one of the most popular steroids in bodybuilding. Testosterone propionate is intended for the development of muscle mass and strength, but due to the characteristics of the action, it is often used during the cutting cycles. It is one of the esters of testosterone.

It has a short action time. Injections are usually performed once at two days. This is one of the main disadvantages of using propionate, in comparison with its more long-lived counterparts, for example, with enanthate. It can be used both when working on the mass, and during the cutting period.

It is worth noting that the short action of the drug can be a plus. The fact is that each organism is individual and reacts differently to the drug. There are cases of intolerance to the components of the drug (usually on the so-called solvent – oil, in which testosterone is dissolved), which may be accompanied by an allergic reaction. Due to the fact that this drug is quickly absorbed, an allergic reaction (if any) can also pass relatively quickly without causing serious harm to the athlete’s health.

Another feature of the drug is the fact that with the right dosages, most athletes do not retain water in the body or these manifestations are minimal.

Therefore, testosterone propionate does not cause a sharp increase in body weight by 5-6 kg in a couple of weeks, as when using the same Testosterone Enanthate. Muscle mass gained with using propionate will be drier and better.

Once in the body, it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, so the work of propionate can be felt after the first injection. For the above reasons, when working on a mass, athletes prefer enanthate, and propionate is most often used for cutting. Suitable for athletes of all skill levels, from beginners to the most experienced.

It may be the only steroid on the “course”, but the best effect is achieved when combined with other drugs. Athletes who begin to use anabolic drugs can be recommended dosages of 50 mg of propionate once per two days. The usual dose of more experienced athletes is from 100 mg of propionate daily and higher.

Chorionic gonadotropin – it is a hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy, and then is excreted unchanged in the urine, from where it is extracted and purified to obtain drugs. Chorionic gonadotropin has the same biological effects as luteinizing hormone, which is formed in the pituitary gland.

In bodybuilding, the use of chorionic gonadotropin is justified and even necessary during a course of anabolic steroids for the prevention of testicular atrophy. In this case, its use is safe, since the dose of the drug is much lower, in addition, chorionic gonadotropin eliminates some side effects of anabolic steroids, as well as preserve the gained muscle mass.

This drug has many controversial administration protocols. However, recent studies have shown a clear need for the use of gonadotropin in long courses (more than 6 weeks). This allows you to recover much faster after the course. The recommendations in the courses are based on the experience of Western andrologists. If gonadotropin was not administered on the course, blast-therapy is necessary.

Aromatase inhibitors (Anastrozol, Exedrol, Letrozol)- are required even at low dosages of testosterone, since the level of aromatization of testosterone is high, so there is a need to prevent estrogenic side effects (fluid accumulation, gynecomastia, suppression of the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes). Low dosages of anastrozole are used, which allow maintaining the level of estrogen necessary for the body, while increasing relief and accelerating recovery. Confirmation are numerous reviews of Western athletes and qualified specialists. Ideally, the intake of IA is carried out under the control of the tests (they are prescribed if the level of estradiol is elevated), but it should be remembered that gynecomastia is often irreversible. An indirect sign of excessive estrogen suppression is a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction, in which case the dosage of IA should be reduced.

In this case, an aromatase inhibitor – Anastrozole, can be replaced by a drug such as Provimed.

As a drug necessary in post-course therapy, the purpose of which is to restore the body’s natural production of testosterone, you can use a drug such as Clomed, or in this case, you can replace it with Tamoxifen (with a schedule of 40-20-10 mg/per day, in for three weeks).


WeekOxandrolonBoldenone EquipoiseTestosterone PropionateGonadotropinAnastrozolClomed
120mg/per day600mg/per week100mg/per day
240mg/per day600mg/per week100mg/per day1 mg/per day
360mg/per day600mg/per week100mg/per day1 mg/per day
460mg/per day600mg/per week100mg/per day500ME/twice in week1 mg/per day
560mg/per day600mg/per week100mg/per day500ME/twice in week1 mg/per day
660mg/per day600mg/per week100mg/per day500ME/twice in week1 mg/per day
760mg/per day600mg/per week100mg/per day500ME/twice in week1 mg/per day
860mg/per day600mg/per week100mg/per day500ME/twice in week1 mg/per day
9100mg/per day
1050mg/per day
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