87 Medications You Can Get For Free

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is making constant efforts to offer a wide range of drugs in the most favorable conditions.

Since February 2019, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has been offering patients 91 free medicines based on a compensated drug program. The list contains drugs for easy and for chronic diseases, as well as for acute conditions.

In order to receive free medications, each person must have medical insurance; must be registered with the family doctor, who will issue a compensated prescription for presentation at the pharmacy along with an identity card. Upon presentation of a prescription, the pharmacist will offer the free medication. The prescription for compensated drugs will be valid in all pharmacies throughout the country.

What are the medicines compensated?

Compensated medicines are preparations paid partially or wholly by the National Health Insurance Company (CNAM). These are prescribed for long-term treatment in ambulatory conditions, as well as for episodic treatment in day care, procedures, at home.

Who can benefit from compensated drugs?

Compensated medicines benefit: children under the age of 18; pregnant women (for the prophylaxis and treatment of anemia, prophylaxis of malformations); people with acute and chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and its complications, anemia, bronchial asthma, cardiovascular, ophthalmic, respiratory, psychiatric and neurological diseases, endocrine, digestive system, urinary system, rare diseases such as bullous epidermolysis, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, systemic and autoimmune diseases, depression, Alzheimer’s disease. Children aged up to 18 years benefit from fully compensated medicines.

How can you get paid off?

The prescription for compensated medicines is prescribed by the family doctor or, as the case may be, by the pediatrician, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, neurologist.

To obtain a prescription it is necessary:

  • Be registered at a family doctor.
  • Have medical insurance.
  • A common recipe is the international common name of a single medicine.
  • Present in the pharmacy the recipe and ID or birth certificate or form 09.
  • When presenting the prescription, the pharmacist will propose the medicine offered free of charge.
  • At the pharmacy, with the prescription prescribed by a doctor, you can choose the medicine from the list of preparations that have the same active substance, but different prices (for partially compensated medicines).
  • The pharmacist will return a copy of your prescription. Another copy is sent by the pharmacist to the CNAM and the third one remains with the doctor prescribing the prescription.
  • The recipe for compensated medicines is valid in all pharmacies contracted by CNAM throughout the country.

The 87 products from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, offered free of charge in pharmacies, are:




Product name









No units



Compensation grid
1Aceclofenac-BPTablets100 mg30Free of Charge
2Folic AcidTablets1 mg60Free of Charge
3Folic AcidTablets5 mg60Free of Charge
4Albendazol-BPTablets200 mg10Free of Charge
5Albendazol-BPTablets400 mg10Free of Charge
6AmiodaronTablets200 mg30Free of Charge
7AmoxicilinCapsules250 mg60Free of Charge
8AmoxicilinCapsules500 mg60Free of Charge
9Bisoprolol-BPTablets10 mg20Free of Charge
10Bisoprolol-BPTablets5 mg20Free of Charge
11BronhocleanOral Solution100 mg10Free of Charge
12Carvedilol-BPTablets12.5 mg60Free of Charge
13Carvedilol-BPTablets25 mg60Free of Charge
14Carvedilol-BPTablets6.25 mg60Free of Charge
15CefalexinCapsules250 mg10Free of Charge
16CefalexinCapsules250 mg20Free of Charge
17CefalexinCapsules500 mg10Free of Charge
18Clemastin-BPTablets1 mg20Free of Charge
19ClozapinTablets100 mg30Free of Charge
20ClozapinTablets25 mg60Free of Charge
21Desloratadin-BPTablets5 mg20Free of Charge
22Dexametazon-BPTablets0.5 mg20Free of Charge
23Famotidin-BPTablets20 mg20Free of Charge
24Famotidin-BPTablets40 mg20Free of Charge
25FamotinSolution20 mg4Free of Charge
26Fluconazol-BPTablets100 mg10Free of Charge
27Fluconazol-BPTablets150 mg10Free of Charge
28Fluconazol-BPTablets50 mg20Free of Charge
29Fluconazol-BPCapsules100 mg10Free of Charge
30Fluconazol-BPCapsules150 mg10Free of Charge
31Fluconazol-BPCapsules200 mg10Free of Charge
32Fluconazol-BPCapsules50 mg10Free of Charge
33GlibenclamidTablets3.5 mg60Free of Charge
34GlibenclamidTablets5 mg60Free of Charge
35HepaursCapsules150 mg60Free of Charge
36HepaursCapsules300 mg60Free of Charge
37Lisinopril-BPTablets10 mg28Free of Charge
38Lisinopril-BPTablets20 mg28Free of Charge
39Lisinopril-BPTablets5 mg28Free of Charge
40Losartan-BPTablets50 mg30Free of Charge
41Meloxicam-BPTablets15 mg20Free of Charge
42Meloxicam-BPTablets7.5 mg20Free of Charge
43Meloxicam-BPSol. Inj.10mg/ml 1.5ml10Free of Charge
44Metilprednisolon-BPTablets16 mg20Free of Charge
45Metilprednisolon-BPTablets4 mg20Free of Charge
46MetoprololTablets25 mg60Free of Charge
47MetoprololTablets50 mg60Free of Charge
48Metotrexat-BPTablets10 mg60Free of Charge
49Metotrexat-BPTablets2.5 mg60Free of Charge
50MetronidazolTablets250 mg10Free of Charge
51MetronidazolTablets500 mg10Free of Charge
52NimesulidTablets100 mg30Free of Charge
53NimesulidOral Solution100mg 2.5g10Free of Charge
54Ofloxacin-BPTablets200 mg10Free of Charge
55Ofloxacin-BPTablets400 mg10Free of Charge
56PanzimedCapsules10000UA 0.25g30Free of Charge
57Panzimed ForteCapsules25000UA 0.5g30Free of Charge
58ParoxetinTablets20 mg20Free of Charge
59PemidalCapsules200 mg30Free of Charge
60Piridostigmin-BPTablets60 mg30Free of Charge
61Pro-digestivCapsules10000UA30Free of Charge
62Pro-digestivCapsules25000UA30Free of Charge
63Ramipril-BPTablets10 mg60Free of Charge
64Ramipril-BPTablets5 mg60Free of Charge
65Risperidon-BPTablets2 mg20Free of Charge
66Risperidon-BPTablets4 mg20Free of Charge
67RovastinTablets10 mg20Free of Charge
68RovastinTablets20 mg20Free of Charge
69SanocardTablets75 mg60Free of Charge
70SanocardTablets100 mg60Free of Charge
71Salbutamol-BPTablets2 mg60Free of Charge
72Salbutamol-BPTablets4 mg60Free of Charge
73Spironolacton-BPCapsules50 mg30Free of Charge
74Spironolacton-BPTablets25 mg60Free of Charge
75Spironolacton-BPTablets50 mg60Free of Charge
76Vinpocetin-BPTablets10 mg60Free of Charge
77Vinpocetin-BPTablets5 mg60Free of Charge
78Vinpocetin-BPSol. Inj.5mg/ml 2ml10Free of Charge
79CaptoprilTablets12.5 mg60Free of Charge
80CaptoprilTablets25 mg60Free of Charge
81CaptoprilTablets50 mg60Free of Charge
82Enalapril-BPTablets10 mg20Free of Charge
83Enalapril-BPTablets10 mg60Free of Charge
84Enalapril-BPTablets20 mg20Free of Charge
85Enalapril-BPTablets20 mg60Free of Charge
86Enalapril-BPTablets5 mg20Free of Charge
87Enalapril-BPTablets5 mg60Free of Charge
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